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How to Get more traffic to your Website in 2022: 18 Proven and result generating tips

For how long have you owned a website? What is the quality of your website traffic? Do you want to increase your website traffic?
In the world of internet, no traffic is enough. Even if your website is the only website on the internet with particular information such that everybody seeking information on that subject matter is directed to your website, the traffic will still not be enough for you. This is not greed. It is passion for growth.

Anyone who is seeking to grow will not be satisfied with current success. Do you want more traffic for your website? I guess you are aware that there are currently more than one billion websites on the internet with thousands coming up daily. If so be, there are thousands of websites that renders the same service with you and there are tons of blog that share the same information you share on your blog. Yet, the traffic is limited.

The same people you are targeting are the same people your competitors are targeting. It means that for every traffic you get, your competitors loose traffic. Also, for every traffic your competitors get, you lose traffic. There are lots of websites targeted at a limited audience. This post will help me boost your traffic.

If fully applied, at least, your traffic will double. Running a successful website is more than just hosting a domain in the cloud and publishing contents on the site. There is more to blogging than meets the eyes. Blogging is not a business for lazy people. At least, successful bloggers have quit their well-paid jobs so as to focus on their blog. Blogging can make you financially free for life.

If you want to know how to increase your website traffic, then you are in the right place. This is the content you are looking for. We will help you with relevant content and information needed to grow your blog from bottom to top and from nothing to something

1. Write quality content

The first thing on the list is quality content. If you want to have more visitors to your website, ensure you have quality contents so that your visitors will derive maximum satisfaction when they visit your website. Many websites have high bounce rate because several visitors seem not to find meaningful and helpful information on their website. You will surely not continue to patronize any shop that you do not get satisfaction from their services.

Quality contents will earn you high recommendations and direct visitors. If a visitor knows that in visiting your website and reading your contents, he will find answers to his question, then be sure that he may not need to do a random search on Google for information. He heads straight up to your website. That is where he is sure to get helpful information from.

How to get quality contents

Be original: If your content must be quality, then ensure it is original. People will not be happy if your contents are not original. Originality is key. By original, it means that your contents should be written by you. In the case where some part of your contents is copied for other websites, provide the necessary reference to the original source. It will build readers trust and you will not be guilty of plagiarism.

Do an in-depth study on every topic you want to write about: Don’t just write because writing is your hobby or because it is a must for you to post contents day. Do a thorough study around the subject matter you are writing about. I personally like reading backlinko and neilpatel because they are experts in what they teach. They do not teach as though they are not sure of the information they are sharing. As such, if you want to write quality content, ensure you do a thorough research and study so as to come up with helpful information.

Avoid copying and pasting: Even Google detest copy and paste. Any blog that is a specialist in copy and paste does not merit patronage. If you must copy, ensure you paraphrase before sharing. There are times when copying is inevitable. For example, news blogs copy from each other. But then, make sure it is not word for word.

Be informative and detailed enough: The next attribute of quality content is that it is informative and detailed enough. Try as much as possible to make every of your content the final bus stop to your readers. Make sure that after reading your contents, your readers will still not look for further information to augment what they learnt from your content. Also make sure that they do not seek further verification of your contents. If these are set in place, then be sure that you will have their patronage and recommendation always. Do not hide any helpful or meaningful information from your readers.

If you must employ freelancer writers, get the best of them: There are times when you will need the services of freelancers. You cannot do it all alone. In blogging, content is key. There are some blogs that publish more than 20 contents per day. This cannot be done by one person. You must need the services of others. Therefore, ensure that you get the best of them. Make sure that you do not employ people who will not put together quality and amazing contents.

Share practical tips: Another thing is that readers love practical a lot. Don’t just tell them how to do it. Tell them how you did it when it was your turn. Share practical and real life scenarios with them. There are times that theories will not help. For example, if you have a content that talks about how to lose 50kg in three months, don’t just tell them what to do. If you know someone that lost 50kg in three months, share the success tips with your readers. They will love your contents more. If you want to teach people how to get more traffic to your blog and you are still battling between 500-1000 daily visitors, then there is a missing link. Share screenshot of your analytics dashboard of the time you were battling with getting visitors and your current dashboard. When they see the progress you’ve made, they will pitch their tents on your blog.

2. Use internal links

Another way of getting traffic is by using internal link. For example if I have some contents on my website titled, “how to start up a successful blog”, “how to grow your blog”, “how to increase revenue for your blog”, “how to get backlinks” and “how to do SEO as a professional”. You should be able to link these contents together. Anybody who want to start a successful blog will also want to know how to grow his blog. He will also want to increase revenue, do backlinks and SEO well. With this, when they leave the content and go to the next, they still hang around your website. This will increase your visitors dwell time and reduce your bounce rate. If you are not aware, this is one of Google’s serious ranking factor. When people spend more time on your website, it tells search engines that your content has quality and as such, you tend to rank more.

3. The more Contents you have, the more chances you have

In blogging, it is commonly said that content is key. One of the top secret of growing your blog is by investing your time and resource into contents. The more contents you have the more chances of getting more readers to your blog. Having more contents on your blog is likened to a shop that sells different varieties of phones. You have more chances of selling than another person who sells only iPhones. So get more contents as possible to your blog. If you have 100 quality contents on your blog, you stand the chance of having more visitors than someone who has 10 quality contents.

Go through several blogs that has massive traffic in a day, you will discover that most of them publish tons of contents every day. This is why they record thousands of visitors in a day. Also, the more contents you have, the more your chance of ranking for various keywords. Invest time and money in getting quality contents.

Let me give you 3 tips on how to get more contents to your blog.

Set your goal: Set your goal of how many contents you want to have every day. If you have a news blog, work towards getting at least 20 contents daily. If you have a scholarship blog, work towards getting at least 10 contents daily. The kind of niche you operate in will determine the content goal you set for yourself.

Employ more staff: If you have some funds to employ staff for your blog, go ahead and do it. If you play your games well, your small blog today could become a strong brand tomorrow. Therefore, invest in your employees. For example, if you have the goal of publishing of having 15 contents daily, you can surely not do it alone. It is advised that you employ 2 or 3 other people. With this, the work will be shared among you and the employees and with that, and the goal will be easily achieved.

Hire freelance writers: If you do not want to employ people, then you can hire the service of freelancers. Freelancers are paid per content written. There are several sites to hire freelancers like; writersgig, upwork, fiverr, freelance, freelancer, etc. But it is more advisable to employ people who will grow the blog together with you.

4. Long tail keywords

As much as possible, use long tail keywords because giants in the industry have already taken the ranking for short tail keywords. You surely do not have what it takes to compete with giants in the short tail keywords.

For example, if you search for the keyword “how to do seo” in google, you will see results from sites like Moz, Ahref, Neilpatel, Backlinko, wordstream and forbes. If you search for the same keyword on bing, you still see websites like wikihow, ahref, semrush, neilpatel and moz. These guys are the giants in this industry and competing with them is dead on arrival. You cannot compete with them.

As such, if you want to write a content on the seo keyword, you can go for a long tail keyword like “how to do seo without spending money”, “how to do seo for a new website”, “how to do seo for a boring niche”, “how to do seo for an ecommerce website”. If you target long tail keywords, you have higher chances of ranking in a short while than when you target short tail keywords. Although the long tail keywords have lesser search volumes compared to short tail keywords, stick to long tail keywords.

When your site starts ranking for several long tail keywords, then your chances of ranking for short tail keyword will start becoming clearer and brighter.


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5. Do not compete with giants

As much as I have talked about leaving the long tail keywords for the giants, I must reiterate that you should not make the mistake of competing with giants. See yourself as someone who is in the business to add value and not someone who is in the business to compete with giants. As long as you are in the business, there must be competition. But then, that should not be your primary focus.

You cannot create a search engine that will outrank Google, or a social network that will outrank facebook. But you can create a search engine to serve people. You can create a social network to network people. When competition becomes your driving force, your small business will not grow. Some of these giants spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advert monthly. Meanwhile your revenue a year may not even be upto a quarter of their monthly ads budget. Then how do you think you can compete with them?

6. Get Quality Backlinks

Get quality backlinks for your contents. Let me explain the importance of backlinks with an example. Suppose you visit a school that has about 500 students and 10 mathematics teacher. If you try to find out who the best mathematics teacher is and you ask 300 hundred of those students who their most favorite mathematics teacher is. If 180 of those students say its teacher A, 70 says its teacher B, 30 says its teacher C, 5 says its teacher D and so on. Although you have not questioned about 200 other students but you will come to a conclusion that teacher A is the best mathematics teacher is that school. As such, if you want to recommend a mathematics teacher for someone or for your child, you will surely pick teacher A.

This is what backlinks means. When multiple sites point to a particular content, it tells search engines that the content those sites point to is original and authentic. As such, Google will surely rank you very well.

7. SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Millions of searches are conducted on search engines. As such, search engines provide relevant results for these searches. No site ever ranks on search engine without SEO. It is SEO that optimizes a particular content on search engines.

When you search for a given keyword on google, there are thousands of contents that have been created around that keyword. Yet, there are only 10 contents on google’s first page and 10 on google’s second page. There is actually something special about those contents on google’s first page that made them rank on the first page. That is SEO. They were more optimized than other contents. I will prepare a guide of how to do SEO. While waiting for that guide, let me throw little tips on how to do SEO
Optimize your title page
Optimize your meta description
Choose a keyword
Avoid keyword stuffing
Use images optimize your images with the target keywords
Get backlink
Use inbound and outbound links
Boost your site load speed
Uninstall plugins you are not using
Use headers in your contents.

How to Get more traffic to your Website

8. Leverage Social media

Social media is also a heavy source of traffic. This is why many people use social media to boost sales for their business. If you want to get more traffic to your blog, do not neglect social media. As a matter of fact, most of your target audiences are out there on social media platforms. Thus, leveraging social media will help you reach them. There are various plugins that will help you share you contents on your social media page or accounts. Use them to boost your traffic. Engage in social media groups and pages where your perceived audiences are. If you must run ads, social media ads are also effective and go a long way in driving traffic to your website.

9. Referrals

Referral remains the best marketing tool to grow any business. There are several people that once they mention your blog to anybody, your blog becomes a visiting destination to them. I became familiar with neilpatel and backlinko through the referral of a trusted friend. Ensure your blog gets referrals from other bloggers. It will increase your backlinks. To get quality referral, ensure you write quality contents. When your contents do not solve any problem, nobody will refer your site to anybody. When your contents are mostly copy and paste, your site will not be referred at all.

10. Email marketing

Many digital marketers recommend email marketing because it is a very powerful tool to help you grow your blog. Neilpatel receives thousands of monthly visitors through the emails he broadcasts. Therefore, in your blog, ensure you have a plugin with which you collect emails. When you broadcast your new article through the emails you collect, there are chances of having few or more visitors through that exercise. The more emails you collect, the more people you reach out to and the more chances of getting visitors through that link. In blogging, every visitor matters. One click can make a big difference. So ensure you get that one extra click. You never can tell the extent it goes.

11. Adverts

Advertisement is a part of blogging you cannot run away from. I guess you see lots of them on facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, Google etc. There are some people you can only reach through adverts. Also, to get what you need, you use what you have. You cannot grow a successful blog without advertisement. So invest little money into ads and you stand the chance of getting a good return on investment. Leverage on various advertisement platforms to push your blog.

For example, if you search for a competitive keyword on google, you will find out that the first 2 or 3 contents on the first page are adverts. If you search on youtube, you will also find out that before a video loads, a shot advert will be shown. The same thing goes for social media. Advertisement is a branch of blogging that needs serious attention as well. In advertising, ensure you do it in the right way. Do not run ads because you have money to spend.

Know the right channel to run your ads. If you want to get more traffic on your blog, then television and radio ads is useless for you. Printing flex banners also will not make sense. The right way to run these ads is an online campaign where people can directly click your link and be redirected to your blog. Don’t advertise on platforms where people will have to copy out your link and type them letter by letter. They might make mistake in spelling it.

12. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are those posts that you pay to publish on other website. There are websites that needs to give you backlinks but the backlink will not be gotten for free. Look for such websites, write quality and powerful content, pay them to publish that content on the website. You will surely not regret the result in months to come. Getting backlinks from a site like; forbes and others will make you smile. Overtime, it can boost your alexa ranking. Therefore, subscribe for sponsored posts from other websites. As far as blogging is concerned, no sacrifice is too much to be paid. Spend as much as you can but ensure you spend right and wisely.

13. Guest posts

You can write guest post for other website. There are some blogs that get contents by accepting guest posts and in turn giving you backlinks. Look for such website and publish on them. Add the source of the content (your website) at the bottom of the post. When people read the content, few may come over to your website. With that, you have made more visitors. Some of them may even become paying customers as time goes by.

14. Get involved in relevant forums

Forums are giants and masters of backlinks. There are relevant forums for the niche you choose. Get involved in such forums. If you are lucky to have your content moved to first page of such forums, you will smile in the end. So, look for such forums and become an active member in them.

15. Improve on your website loading speed

The loading speed of your website goes a long way in determining the quality and quantity of traffic you get on your blog. People will surely not wait for up to 5 seconds just for you website to load. The loading speed of your website can discourage several people from coming to your blog. Therefore, if you want to improve or speed up the loading speed of your website, install plugins that helps you achieve that. The faster your website loads the better for you. The slower your website load, the harder it is for visitors wait till it loads. At most, your site loading speed should be on the average of 2-3 seconds; else you tend to lose lots of potential and paying customers.

16. Comment on other blogs with related content and leave your link

Comments are ways of improving interaction and engagement on your blog. It is good that if you want to get more traffic, comment on other blogs but make sure that you do not spam their blogs. In commenting, add a link back to your blog and you never can tell how many visitor that link will send to you blog. Your comments must be in related space to your blog. For example, I publish a content title “10 must have plugins for every wordPress blog”. If you have content titled, “how to increase your site load speed”. It will be sure that one of the plugins on my list will be to help increase your site load speed. With this, you can add a comment to that so as to throw more light on how to use plugins to increase your website load speed.

17. Add the link to your blog on all your social media profile

Social media is a strong marketing channel for your blog. Many people may want to know more about you and where you work. Thus they will get such information from your social media platform. As such, ensure you add the link to your blog on all your social media platforms. Tons of people will get to know about your blog through that and you will get more visits from that. Remember that little drops of water makes and ocean. In blogging, getting thousands of visitor starts by getting one visitor. Therefore, every one visitor is important. Go every mile in order to get that one visitor.

18. Encourage comments in order to boost engagement

Another way to drive massive traffic to your blog is by encouraging comments. With comments, you get feedbacks from people. You get people to share their own thoughts. This strategy will work fine if you reply to the comments from people. It will enhance and encourage interaction between you and your visitors. This will in turn increase visitors dwell time on your blog, which is a strong ranking factor on Google. When visitors post comments and you reply, they tend to come back again to see other comments and replies from you. This is one of the top secrets used by Neil Patel in his blogs. Replying comments will convince your visitors that you know what you are writing about.


Your success in blogging is a function of the number of visitors you get per day, week or even month. Therefore, it is the earnest heart desire of every blogger to increase the number of visits they get. I have outlined some ways to increase your traffic. Pay attention to them and watch your traffic grow. You will not get to the top magically, but you will surely get there someday. Apply these steps carefully. If anything is missing, use the comment box to educate us more. In conclusion, here is a recap of how to increase your website traffic.
Write quality content
Use internal links
The more Contents you have, the more chances you have
Long tail keywords
Do not compete with giants
Social media
Email marketing
Sponsored posts
Guest posts
Get involved in relevant forums
Improve on your website loading speed
Comment on other blogs with related content and leave your link
Add the link to your blog on all your social media profile
Encourage comments in order to boost engagement

Try every possible and available trick you know, provided it does not go against search engine’s policy. These steps above will help you get massive traffic to your site if you apply them with commitment and dedication. Every website that ranks on Google’s first page has most of these things in practice on their platform. You will enjoy blogging if you put in your best and be dedicated and committed to it. These are ways to get traffic to your website. Now, go and start directing those searchers to your blog. I guess this post has directed you on how to Get more traffic to your Website. Cheers


Profitable blogging niches for prospective bloggers in 2022

Hello friend, I am happy you landed on my blog. I want to teach you how various profitable blogging niches on the blogosphere. Perhaps, you are considering blogging as your next line of work but you do not know what niche to choose. You just came to the right place and I hope this content serves you right.

It is no longer news that technology has become the oil well of the world. You can validate this fact by visiting, fortune magazine, Bloomberg and other financial magazines. Go through the profile of the world richest people in the world, you will find out that majority of them run tech-oriented businesses. Also, technology companies have also grown to dominate the list of wealthiest companies in the globe.

As a result of this, technology can no longer be overlooked. You overlook technology to your own detriment.
As such, blogging has also grown to be an aspect of technology in which little income earners can leverage to make ends meet. Many bloggers today now command awesome wealth that salary earners cannot earn. Blogs like Neilpatel, Backlinko, worldscholarshipforum and many more has so financially empowered the owners that they do no longer have need for any other form of job because, these blog have made them financially stable.

Instead of looking for jobs, they have created jobs for tons of people.
Therefore, this content is intended for prospective bloggers who are confused and looking for what niche to invest into. Today, blogging is no longer about what you are good at and what you want to do. Blogging is now about what the people want. Remember that your blog is created or will be created for people. Thus, knowing what those people want will help you in your blogging career. In blogging terminology, it is called Customers Intent.
Actually, it is still possible to set up a blog around what you can do. But the emphasis is that what you can do should also be of interest to people out there, so that you will break even in your blogging career.
Have you thought of blogging and don’t know what niche to choose? Are you also ready a blogger looking to diversify your blogging career? Is your niche not lucrative enough that you want to change it? If the answer to all these questions is Yes, then you are in the right place. We have done series of in-depth research to be able to compile this content and provide you with blog niches that could help your career as a blogger.
This article is divided into three parts which are;
Profitable blogging niche: There are actually some niches that you may not need hundreds of thousands of visitors to earn high. A simple five thousand visitors daily can make you financially balanced for life. These are the niches we want to consider under this section
Blogging niches that can drive much traffic: There are some other blogging niches that may not be as profitable as others but they are in high demand. As such, pushing much traffic to these blogs will put you on the sail. For example, expensive products cannot be afforded by the poor. A rich man can buy a single product and the seller makes a profit that can be enough for him throughout the whole month. In turn, many poor people need to buy a particular product for the seller to make awesome profit. Thus, the more the patronage, the more profits are made. This is the difference between the first section and second
Boring blogging niches: Then, there are niches that are boring. You may not even want to read anything about them. We will also talk about such niches.
This content will help you so that you will not make mistake in your blogging career. You can blog in the wrong niche for up to a decade and still not be happy with your earnings. Meanwhile, another person can blog for just a year or two and watch his earnings skyrocket with the speed of light.
Stay tuned as I take you through these niches as a professional
Insurance: Have you heard of insurance before? You will surely be surprised that insurance came to the top of the list, though the list was compiled in no definite order. Insurance is a high paying niche because advertisers of insurance services are willing to pay high for adverts. For the fact that they spend much on advertising, that makes this niche profitable. The Cost Per Click (CPC) of insurance adverts are actually high. Some of them can even pay as high as $3 per click.
Fashion: Fashion blog has quietly grown to be a profitable blogging niche on its own. Fashion has become of high interest to people and as such, fashion companies pay high as well as possible in a bit to get their products into circulation. The good part of this niche is that fashion is a very focused and targeted niche such that you can subscribe for affiliate programmes and even serve direct ads on your blog and then smile to the bank
Product review: Product review is another niche that can pay you high every month end. Have you discovered that product review blogs is few. As such, lots of ads are targeted to few blogs which makes the demand for such blogs high. Today, when someone wants to buy a car, he will want to first of all, read about that car to know its features, advantages, disadvantages, technology and lots more. This will in turn direct and redirect the buyer attention. Same thing goes to buying phones, electronics, laptops etc. As such, you can have the privilege of taking part in affiliate programs. The good news is that there are lots of affiliate programs out there that you can leverage on. The profits from ads service companies, affiliate programs and direct advertising can place to a height of financial stability.
Technology blog: Technology blogs may be a bit related to the product review blogs just that in technology blog, you limit your scope to technology. You write about past technologies, present technologies and future technologies and enjoy the financial compensation of your hard work.
SEO: Have you heard of SEO before? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. If you are a blogger and have not heard of SEO before, you are advised to quit blogging as it is not for you. Every blogger today pays more attention to SEO than even earning. It is SEO that will make you content appear on the first page of search engines and then, this will determine your organic traffic which in turn helps your earning. SEO centered blogs are making it full time. Many SEO blogs do not even apply for Google Adsense Program because their SEO services pays them far higher than what Google can pay. For instance, you can do a further research on Moz, Ahref, Neilpatel, Backlinko, Semrush etc. You will not see Google ads on such platforms, yet their income is highly outrageous.
Hospitality: This list will not be complete without adding hospitality. Today, the world pays high attention to hospitality services. Everybody wants to visit Dubai and other awesome location because of the hospitality services they render there. As such, having a blog that will answer people questions on hospitality and also enlighten them more will make sense. I bet you, it will pay off in a very short time. This is because everybody wants to be comfortable. People are willing to spend their last dime in search for comfort. Thus, a hospitality blog will make you financially happy all the days of your life.
Travel and tour: Travel and tourism blogs are also in high demand. The need to travel is enshrined in our daily living. Thus, good locations to reside in when you travel are in high demand. Students want to travel to study abroad. Couples want to go for vacations. Musicians want to organize concerts in foreign countries. Companies want new locations they can invest in. Government wants to schedule an event in another country. People generally want to tour round the globe while they are still alive. Having a blog that will give them enough information with respect to all their enquiries and inquisitions will go a long way in pulling them to your website. Advertisers in this niche are ready to also pay high for the service they render. Imagine if the world cup is to be hosted in Canada for example. Many people will want to reserve hotel apartments for themselves while in their home country. With this, you will see that hotels in the regions where the matches will be played will want their hotel to get recognition and in turn attract lodgers.
Finance and Investment: Money they say controls the world. Everybody wants to make more money. Finance and investment blog will become a home for people in that category. Some people have the money, but are looking for what to invest into so that more money would be made. This is the generation of crypto currencies, with several cryptos coming up frequently. If you have a professional blog that guides on cryptos and other investment schemes, you will go far. These crypto currencies spend lots of money in running adverts and as such, you can have you fair share of the money. Many people are looking for businesses to do but do not have any idea. They resort to serious study online in order to get helpful information and tips. If they come across your blog and it proves helpful to them, be sure of their recommendations. The finance and investment blog will make more sense if you have a practical idea of finance. It will be better to teach your readers in more practical terms than in theoretical terms.
Health: Health blogs turns in thousands of US dollars monthly. Everybody wants to live healthy in a disease infested environment. We all heard of the COVID 19 pandemic and the adverse effect it posed to the entire world. We saw how the world united in fight against it. Malaria kills hundreds of people daily. We have cancer, HIV/AID, diabetes and tons of other sicknesses ravaging the world today. Many people in our environment live with these sicknesses even though we are not aware. As such, they try to the best of their ability to be able to contain these sicknesses in order to live longer. As such, having a health blog will help these people find lasting solutions to their problems. We have lots of health products out there which use health blogs as a means of reaching out to their target market. As earlier said, we have many sick people everywhere. This means that the services of health bloggers are needed everywhere you go. Every country has the kind of sickness the combat with. Individuals also combat with several sicknesses. Thus, having health tips for them will be helpful to them and enrich you in return. Health is your greatest wealth. Nobody will ever want to labour tirelessly and then watch sickness take away all they have labored to get. As such, they want to live healthy at all times. If so be, they also need your services at all time.
Property: The real estate world has made lots of people Billionaires with the most popular among them as Donald Trump (One time president of the United State of America). Truth is that people are selling properties on a daily basis and people are buying properties too on a daily basis. We have lots of agents who are into buying and selling of these properties. Leveraging technology in this business will boost your sales. Today, virtually everything can be sold online because of technology. People want to buy properties but they want to be sure they are into the right path. Nobody will just want to waste his hard earned money on nothing. Set up a property blog and provide meaningful tips for buyers and sellers. With your blog, you will break geographical boundaries, such that you could in Ghana and having a deal in Germany.
Food: Food blog is also another important and high paying niche. A popular adage says, “You are what you eat”. Everybody wants to eat right irrespective of how low their income is. People want to learn how to prepare good dishes and as such the service of a food blogger cannot be overrated, though they can be underrated. Create recipe for various food varieties

Sports: Almost everybody today is a lover of sports. Everybody wants to get the latest sports updates most especially when they are not able to watch the games. Everybody wants to know more about Ronaldo, Messi, world cup, Olympics, Champions league, Premier League, Basketball, hockey, Rugby etc. Sports have gone beyond the game (winner and loser). People want to get sports news on transfers, personal lifestyles of those athletes, their net worth, club news and so one. Those into gambling and bettings need sports news in order to follow up on their bets. Sports have grown to become a part of our daily lives. Both literates and illiterates are interested in sports. The rich and the poor are interested in sports. Males and females are interested in sports. The young and old are also interested in sports. Everyone is a lover of one sports or the other and as such, sports blog will pool lots of traffic. The likes of and stand out. Those into betting and gambling visit these two blogs to follow up on their predictions. Thus, these two blogs have grown in popularity to tell you have sports has become generally accepted. Though starting a sports blog to compete with these two blogs is totally out of it, but then a sport blog, if the contents are well optimized can grow fast in a very short time.
Scholarships: As education has become part of what every parent wish for their children, the need for more quality education cannot be overemphasized. To that end, young people search for scholarship opportunities in order to be able to foot the bills of their academics. In Africa, the need for scholarships to foreign countries is so high because of the fallen standard of education in most African countries and the poverty rate in Africa. This is why having a scholarship blog is a good idea because it rakes in traffic from every angle. If not undergraduate, it is higher institution or MSc or PhD. Note very importantly that we did not say its education blog, rather scholarship blog. Education in itself is very vast but scholarship, education grants and fellowships are the most sort after section under education. Scholarships are sort for by almost everyone at all levels of education. Local and international scholarship opportunities make headlines in several media. is one of the leading and most successful scholarship blogs on the internet. Most of these scholarship websites stars from nothing and grow to something great. Several of them started with traffic of less than 100 everyday, but today gets more than 50,000 visitors daily. This is because of the high demand of scholarships. Also, there are lots of organizations and government agencies giving out scholarships and grants to people. The only thing needed it to verify the information and post. Of all niches in this article, I advice you to pitch your tent here. Though I am not a scholarship blogger but I understand too well the kind of traffic pooled by scholarship blogs. Remember, the more the traffic, the more the money you make. Though there ads do not have high click through rates but then, little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.
News: The news niche is one of the niches that can drive crazy traffic to your blog. People want to stay updated with the recent and latest occurrences across the globe. Bearing in mind that we are currently in the digital age, where everything has gone digital. Nobody has the time to look for where to buy newspaper. Even if newspapers are to be bought, there will be a limitation of location, such that if you reside in Ghana, how do you get news from Canada. As such, news niche for blogging can command massive traffics. Also, in most cases, before the newspaper companies publish the news, it would have circulated everywhere on the internet, such that at the point of publishing such news on the papers, several persons would have heard of the said news. Therefore, the internet has become the most effective way of sharing information. Thus, if you choose the news niche and publish relevant information on your site, over time, the traffic you tend to get daily will be massive. This is the major reason why the newspaper companies have their online platforms. People are no longer patronizing them as before and in order not to lose the market, they opted for online platforms where they could also keep their readers updated. The limitation of the news blog is that it needs your full time. Some people are into blogging as a part time endeavor, the news niche is not for such people. News keep on coming second by second, such that if you do not have the time to publish atleast 20 quality news daily, then look for another niche. 20 news contents daily are on the low side, but it is good enough for a start.
Romance, Relationship and love: This is another aspect and niche in blogging that drives overwhelming traffics to your blog. Many marriages have failed. Many relationships have broken. Some other people want to get into marriages and relationships and they need a dedicated website where they can always refer to for information and help. Almost everybody has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Therefore, in order to resolve relationship issues, people need to be coached. For some reasons, people will not want physical coaches in order to maintain their privacy and remain anonymous. This is why they choose online platforms where their identities will remain unknown. Surprisingly, there is hardly any marriage or relationship without issues. Many people in relationships and marriages are dying slowly and quietly and yet, they do not want to confide in anybody. Having an online platform that will address the needs of this people is a good step in the right direction. This is why the movie “Fireproof”, is loved by thousands of people globally. At the point of writing this content, fireproof has had over eleven million views on YouTube, yet several millions watched the movie outside YouTube. If there are platforms that could help relationships and marriages to thrive, people will surely like them, provided your information are helpful and meets their needs.
Celebrities: Celebrities have lots of followers. Thus, their followers want to know about them. They want to get the latest information about the idols and role models. This is why the instagram handles of these celebrities are buzzing with hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers. The everyday life activities of these celebrities want to known by their fans. These fans will surely not want to be starved of information pertaining to their icon. If you have a platform dedicated to celebrities lifestyle (both local and international), you will smile daily because of the awesome and amazing traffic you will see. Bear in mind that the more the traffic, the more your earning. Your traffic will determine the number of clicks, which will in turn determine your earnings.
Jobs: As several persons graduate from the college yearly, the total number of jobseekers increases alarming. There is a great hunt for both local and international jobs. There are millions of job seekers in every country and just few job vacancies. This is the reason why Linkedin social platform has thousands of people signing up daily. Linkedin is a platform that helps jobseekers land their dream job over time. There are several persons who have gotten jobs and contracts via linkedin. Platforms like this are in high demand. Also blogs the offer job vacancies and recruitments get an amazing number of people stopping by to check for job offers. Unemployment and underemployment is a plague which everyone wants to cure. Platforms like,,,, receives thousands to millions of pageviews daily. This been said, your blog could also be one of such blogs that will have the pleasure of sharing in the traffics available for this niche. Apart from the scholarship niche which I earlier recommended, I also recommend job niche for those who do not have any particular b=niche in mind.
Gambling/betting tips: Gambling and betting is one of the get-rich-quick schemes several persons leverage on to make money. Various kinds of sports and sporting tournaments take place frequently. As such, people want to stake their money on such tournaments and games and in turn make additional income, thereby doubling their money. This said, there are several persons who have placed their predictions overtime and lost all their investments. Yet, they have still not given up. They will surely not give up. Therefore, they want to be taught on how to bet and gamble rightly. They want to get betting codes that will aid them win in their subsequent endeavor. With this, any blog that will help them achieve this will be a good one for them. Even if it means selling some of those predictions to them, people are willing to pay, provided it works for them.
Politics: The world today is all about politics. People want to talk politics. People want to do politics. People want to get political information and as such, politics blogs will help them. The world has moved from local politics to global politics. Politics is no longer confined to a particular country. People want to know how election in a particular country is been conducted. People want to know the result of a particular election. Beyond elections, people want to be kept abreast to political events across the globe. If you start up a political blog, it will be a nice one for you in the end.
How-to: How-to blogs are those blogs that teaches people how to do specific things. Like how to cook, how to sew, how to create a website, how to make a YouTube video, how to be a successful freelancer, how to start up an online shop, how to use a particular web service, how to use an application or software etc. Wikihow boasts of millions of visitors monthly, just teaching people how to do certain things. This is a technology and digital age, such that the quest for knowledge is high. People want to learn in order to remain relevant in a harsh economy. Starting a blog that will teach and coach people on how to do specific thing will attract several persons to your platform. Some people may not have the time to get enrolled in a physical school, yet they want to know. Such people can be served by these blogs.
Entertainment: The last on this list is entertainment. Entertainment is supposed to be intertwined with celebrities, but we decided to split because entertainment talks of the event and activities while celebrities talks of the personality involved. Entertainment blogs also command massive traffics that can change your financial life for good. People want to know about the trending music and movie. People want to know about the upcoming event and shows so as to be informed and follow up on it. This and lots more are what people crave for.
It is time to talk about some blogging niches which are actually boring. Although they are boring, yet some blogs in these niches rake in several thousands of dollars monthly. If you have a blog in any of these niches, there is no cause for alarm. Hard and smart work will set you rolling and your account will be smiling every end of the month.
Here are few of the blogging niches that are boring. You will also be told why they are boring.
Religion: Religious blogs makes the top of the list of boring blogs. Are people no longer interested in religion? Why could religion in the 21st century be termed boring? To start with, having a blog in any religious niche could be boring and frustrating atimes. Most times, you work like an elephant and eat like an ant. Here are few reasons why religion niches are boring
There are several religions that preach different things: In this present world, we have several religions that teach and preach different and confusing things. For example, the religion practiced in Asia is not relevant in Africa. Thus, if you have a blog talking about African religion, it may not go beyond the shores of Africa. Also, some people who practice the same religion unfortunately have different perspective of religious issues. Such that they end up confusing people more and more. For example, in Christianity, the issue of tithe has received several opinions such that people no longer care what you say about tithe. They now have their belief about the issue of tithe and you cannot change it. As such, if you spend countless hours and sleepless nights doing an in-depth study on the issue of tithe and come up with a powerful content that shares your view, people will still not read it. Your efforts may not yield the desired result.
People are tired of religion: People claim that religion is the cause of the world’s problem. Hence they are tired of the issues of religion. They do not want to know what your religion says. They even care less about their own religion. With this, religion blogs will continue to be boring.
You may not find readers for your content: People care about other things except religion. People want to get rich, they need scholarships, they need jobs, they want to know the latest news and they care less of religion. The only thing that makes blogging meaningful is when you see people who will read your contents. If there are no readers, then blogging is not worth the stress. My first blog was a religious blog. I spent hours of hard work. I woke up several nights to get contents for the blog. Sadly I hardly made any meaning traffic. The traffic was frustrating that I had to give up on that niche.
Only negative religious news sells: If you want your religion blog to flourish, then you must be negative. Your news must be on the criticizing part. News like how religious leaders steal money, deceive people with their false teachings. These are the kind of contents that will attract readers to your religious blog and I guess you do not want to be anti-religion.
Religion advertisers do not pay much for ads: Another reason why the religion niche appears so boring is because advertisers in the religion niche do not pay much for ads. This is because the competition is minimal. If competition appears to be minimal, that should actually be the major reason why you should give it a shot. But hey, no! Not in the religion niche. The competition is minimal because people interested in it are few. You don’t spend heavily for something that will not pay you more. When you search topics in other niches like scholarships, seo, marketing etc, you tend to see several ads on this first page. This is because of the high competition in such niches. Have you ever queried Google on any religion related search and seen ads for the topic. You may have, but it’s one in twenty.
Culture: Culture should have been a lucrative niche because it teaches us the way of life of people in various locations. As such, I could create a blog dedicated to teaching the lifestyle of people, some of their cultural heritage and the dos and don’ts of such people. Few decades ago, this would be an awesome oil well for cultural bloggers. But with the trend of globalization, the narrative has changed. The world currently has a standard which every other set of people are chasing after. As such, the lifestyle of those primitive locations may no longer be of interest to people, except those carrying out their research programmes.
Niches with few audiences: Blogging could be frustrating when you have few audiences. You tend to put in heavy effort in order to come up with powerful contents and end up just having a handful of readers. For example, when you have an education blog dedicated to Haiti, you will agree that the total readers of your blog will not be much. According to Wikipedia, Haiti has a population of 11.4 million people. Of this population, it’s a sure guess that less than 40% of them are interested in education. Also, coupled with what has happened in Haiti overtime, people will not be interested in leaving their own country to study in Haiti. Also Haitians will instead look for how to study in other countries. With this analysis, it means that having an education blog for Haiti may just be for as few people as possible. This is why audience is a strong factor in blogging and branding. The more people your blog targets the more, interesting your blogging career become. Such that when you visit your analytics dashboard and Alexa ranking, you will be happy with the product of your effort.
Niches limited to third world countries: If you have a blog that focuses on the third world countries, blogging may not be fun for you. If you monetization is through Adsense, I bet that you may be tempted to give up. For example, there are several clicks from third world countries that go as low as $0.04. With this, you may have as high as a thousand clicks a day and yet may not make up to $50 in all. But then, there are click from first world countries that pays as high as $3 per click. You see that the difference is clear. This is the major reason why bloggers from first world countries has awesome and mouth-watering revenue compared to their counterparts in the third world countries. With this, it is advised that if you are a blogger from the third world countries, you could also focus contents on the first world countries. For example, Magchime is a blog owned by a Nigerian but majority of the contents focus on the wider population.
I guess I have provided an in-depth content that answered several of your questions. Blogging is actually an awesome business to do. Several people have quit their high paying jobs just to do blogging. This means that blogging pays more. I do not want you to waste your effort in blogging that is why I did an extensive study to get this helpful content. Truth is that all these niches are awesome depending on your approach to them. My first blog was a religion blog (Christian) but out of frustration, I quit. But then, there are religious blogs that makes awesome monthly income. Blogs like Christianitytoday, Christiantoday, Christian Post etc are blogs that generate high revenue every month.
No matter how boring a niche may be, you can change the narrative. In like manner, seeing that insurance niche was ranked number one on the list of profitable niches, if you rush into the niche carelessly, you will still rush out of it. This means that every of these niches listed above and several of them that are not even in this list depend on our approach to them.
Happy blogging

Domain Name

How to get a good domain name for your new website

Does a good domain name really matter in trying to set up a web presence? Is it actually necessary and important to pay attention to your domain name? Can your domain name affect your ranking and people’s perception about your business?

In this post, I want to walk you through some guided blueprints on how to get an awesome domain name for your business or blog. In this 21st century, getting a good and short domain name is not an easy task. Almost all three letter words domain name has been taken. The same goes for four letter words.

The need and quest to get a domain name has increased such that you could search for a domain name this morning and find out that it is available but before night falls, same domain name has been bought by someone else.

For example, I saw a domain ( on I left it with the intention of buying it in the next two days. As I checked back after two days, I discovered that the name had been taken by someone else. This is because the need and demand for domain names has increased and is increasing more daily.

 Domaining has become a good business that puts food on the table of several persons. As a result of this, many people who buy domain names do not just buy them for the fact that they want to use it for a business in the future. Some of them buy with the intention of reselling and making profits. As such, a good domain name is hard to come by.

For your new business, you may not be able to afford a premium domain name. Many of the simple domain names have become premium such that the entire worth of your startup may not be able to afford it.

To check for the availability of a domain name, visit whois or and run the search. This is where you get amazing domain name ideas for your business.

As much as short domain names with the .com extension are hardly available, what do we do? Should we quit our business because we cannot get a good domain name or should we continue to run offline till we get the fund to purchase a premium domain of our choice?

This post is put together in a bid to help you on how to get a topnotch domain name for your online business. If you are having issues with getting such, after reading this post, I guess the issue will be resolved.

Importance of a good domain name

  1. It’s your way of presenting and packaging your business in the cloud: Every business talks about branding and packaging. Your domain name is a solid test for brand and the level of packaging you attach to your business.
  2. It’s the first impression you present to your readers and customers: First impressions matter a lot. Your domain name is the first port of call your clients will have with your business. As such using shady names would mar your business ideology

Here are few things to consider in choosing a domain name for your business

  1. Use the most popular extensions like .com, .org and .net: Although .com is more preferable and successful. According to w3techs, People are more familiar with .com and .com domains account for about 47% of all websites.


Your domain extension matters a lot to people. This is why using a .com extension is more advised. People tend to guess that your domain is more than any other extension. Others are not even aware of the fact that there are other extensions for a domain name. Such that when they find out your business name, they head straight to the web browser and input the name and add .com to it. Though there are other extensions like .org, .net, .edu, .xyz, .biz, .club and so on. .com, .org and .net are more commonly used. As such try and get a domain with any of these popular extensions but preferably the .com extension

Your business name

The next thing to consider is your business name. What is your business name? It will not make sense if your business name is different from your domain name. Actually, several persons may not know website name. They do their guesses through your business name and with the help of google, they arrive at the correct website name for your business. For example, if I have a business name called testing, it will be right for my domaining name to as well be But in the case where is not available, some prefixes and suffixes could be added. If the business is within the food niche, I could check for, or even,, etc. Any of these could go for a website name for my testing business. If the business is in the automobile niche, I could choose,,,, and so on. The point is this; it is very import to have your business name in your domain name. Go through global brands and you will observe that their website name is the same with their business name. Microsoft website is, facebook website is, amazon website is, google website is and so on. It will not be meaningful to have a business name called facebook and a website called

Choose shorter names if they are available

Many short domain names are no longer available. The few that are available are sold at premium price which many startups may not be able to afford. Some of them go for several thousands of dollars. I guess your new business cannot afford such whooping sum. This means that getting short domain names may be difficult but still possible. If you are not able to get a very simple domain name, try as much as possible to get a domain that is between 7-12 characters. This is the standard because the shorter the better. The shorter, the easier it is to be pronounced and spelt.

Easy to type

In checking up for a domain name, ensure it is easy to type. Many people world visit your domain via the recommendation of others. As such, the link may not be sent to them, they have to type it themselves. This is why a domain name that is easy to spell and type is more preferred. I got to know about neilpatel and backlinko through a friend who mentioned the sites to me. I went ahead to search for them by myself and since then, I have been a stronger reader of both blogs. So ensure that the domain name you will choose will not be difficult to type and spell.

Easy to pronounce

Also, easy to pronounce domain names are part of the things to consider in getting a domain name. if I want to recommend your website to somebody through the word of mouth, I should be able to pronounce it in a way that the hearer will be able to understand it. With this, check for the difficulties involved in pronouncing your domain name. The easier it is to pronounce, the better for you.

Avoid hyphens and numbers

I plead with you, as much as possible, avoid the use of numbers and hyphens. All these points are because some of your visitors may not see a link to click in order to visit your website. If every visitor on your website comes through a direct link, this point and the other 2 above will not be necessary. But for the fact that some of them will manually type in your domain to the browser. Therefore, as much as possible, avoid the use of numbers and hyphens. It does not make sense in recent time.

While choosing a domain name, consider the future of your brand

Another thing that must be taken into consideration while choosing a domain name is the future of the brand you want to host in the cloud. For example, a friend of mine who is a scholarship blogger had the site, Apart from the fact that the domain name was long, his business was limited to only Nigerian based scholarships and scholarship for Nigerian students. This actually does not make sense. With that, he moved over to where he now enjoys a global audience. Have the picture of what you want your business to be like in the future so as to avoid shuttling between domain names. If you have a business that takes care of livestock and you have the plan of diversifying in the future, it is better you get a domain name that will be able to accommodate the diversification in years to come.

Choose a brandable name

A brandable name will also make sense. Infoducation has no limitation. As such, I could also convert this blog to a news blog, scholarship blog, travel blog, hospitality blog and so on. But if I have a domain name like, it becomes clear that the site talks about SEO. It will not make sense to talk about lifestyle on such a blog. So as much as possible, choose a brandable name like Microsoft, amazon, google, youtube, facebook, twitter, apple etc. so that it can also accommodate diversification and growth.

Your niche

Another thing to consider while trying to get a domain name is your niche. What niche do you want to launch your domain in? worldscholarshipforum is a scholarship domain name with a global target, this is clearly seen in the way the domain name appears. Newbalancejobs is a domain in the job niche. Businessyield is a domain in the business and financial niche. Christianpost is a blog in the Christianity niche. So you see that the choice of niche you want to operate in can also determine your choice of domain name. To do this, understand your niche and add some prefix or suffix and then you come up with a good domain name. I hope that from today, getting a good domain name will not be an issue to you again.

Your own name

Your name can also be used as your domain name. There are people who may not have a business name but just want to do something online. For example, not all blogs are registered businesses. Therefore, in this case, you will not talk of using your business name as your website name because there is not business name at all. This is where your name can serve as your website name. There are lots of websites that the domain name is the name of the owner. For example is own by Neil Patel. is owned by Sharon Munachimso. is owned by Linda Ikeji. The list is endless. If getting a domain name becomes a problem to you, try the combination of your name. You can save yourself the stress of tirelessly looking for and thinking of a domain name that will match your online presence. The good thing in using your name as a domain is that your name will not be limited to any niche. Sharonmuna could also be used for an education blog if she chose to. So, there will be no limitation to what you can do on a domain name that uses your real name.

Your focus keyword

It is possible to build a blog just a on narrow keyword. For example, if you build a business to teach people how to do SEO, SEO related domain name can serve. Names like,, etc. In this era of crypto currencies, many crypto currency blogs have the word crypto in their domain. This is because their chosen niche is crypto currency. So this is another way of getting a nice domain name for your blog. If you want to start up a blog that talk about dogs, instead of having a generic domain name for animals, you can limit your domain name such that anyone who sees or hears the domain been mentioned will have an insight into what it is talking about even without having to visit the domain. For example, a domain name like talks about jobs. Anyone who sees the domain name will know that it talks about jobs. It will then be wrong to have a domain like that and begin to talk about food on the blog.

Meaningful combination of words

You can as well get a good domain name by doing a sort of meaningful combination of words. For example, the first time i launched this domain name, it was an educational blog. Info comes from the word information because I was to share relevant educational information on that blog. Ducation comes from the word education. The blog was on the education niche and that was how I came about the domain name. This way of getting a domain name is applicable in every niche because as earlier mentioned; getting a good domain name is difficult in this period.

Be careful of multiple consonant letters

Be careful of buying domain names with multiple consonant letters. This will make it very hard to pronounce and spell. Remember that your domain name should be as easy as possible so that someone could spell when they want to type it into a browser. If you use multiple consonants at the same time, the goal of easily spelling the domain name will be defeated.

Use domain name generators

There are situations whereby you try your best to come up with a good domain name and it does not work. Some other times, you may not want to pass through the stress of thinking through and through to get a good domain name. This is where you employ the services of domain name generators. Domain name generators works like the Gmail application whereby is you want to create a Gmail account and the address you choose is no longer available, Gmail will make some suggestions and recommendations by combining your first and second names and in some cases adding numbers to the combination. Remember not to use numbers in your domain names. You can employ the services of domain name generators like nameboy, business name generator by shopify, leandomainsearch

Do social media consultation

If you have chosen a domain name, try to check up such domain on social media. This is because you are most likely to have social media handles and platforms. Thus, it will not make sense to have website like and a social media handle name magnifysoft. This is unethical and unadvisable. So try to get a domain name that can also host social media platforms.

Check for the price with various domain name registrars

As a new start up, you may not be able to afford thousands of dollars in other to buy a premium domain. You will want to cut your coat according to the material you have. Therefore find out the cost of the domain name with your registrar. You can check for the availability of your domain on and but they may not give you the exact prize of the domain. Also, domains do not have fixed prizes. Their prizes vary from registrar to registrar. Though the differences may not be much, but before you conclude on a particular domain name, find out the prize of that domain.

Try as much as possible to register your domain by yourself

You could register your domain through the help of someone, but it is advised to register your domain yourself. Registering domain needs your credit card details and other vital information which you will surely not want to share with someone. Also, if a third party helps you to register your domain name, you will have to pay service fee to the person which will in turn increase the cost of your domain name. Another thing is that in future, issues may arise between you and the person. Therefore it is very much advised to register your domain name by yourself.

If you have the money, register it for many years

Having finalized on the name to use for your business, try to see if you can register it for more than one year. This will help you avoid the stress of renewing your domains yearly. Also, your business may not be profitable at the beginning. This will make you stand the risk of losing your domain name when it expires. Once your domain name expires, you will be given a grace period (depending on the registrar), after which you stand the risk of losing the domain name. As such, it is better to register the domain name for more than one year, depending on the amount of money at your disposal.

As soon as you confirm its availability, buy it immediately

If you confirm the availability of the domain name, do not waste any time. Go ahead and register it immediately because it is possible that someone somewhere may also have the same name suggestion and if you delay, another person grabs it.  So ensure you do not waste time at all. You cannot reserve a name to buy it later. It is possible you add the name to cart on your namecheap account and someone else goes to buy it from hostinger. So at the point of confirming the availability, buy it off immediately.


A domain name does really matter and that it why rapt attention must be paid in order to get one. A good domain name can give you an edge over your competitors. Even the Bible clearly states that a good name is better than silver and gold. Although, a good domain name is not one of Google’s ranking factor but it helps in easily locating your business online.

As a way of recapping the points earlier explained, let me state them again for emphasis sake.

  1. Use the most popular extensions like .com, .org and .net
  2. Choose shorter names if they are available
  3. Easy to type and spell
  4. Easy to pronounce
  5. Avoid hyphens and numbers
  6. Consider the future of your brand
  7. Choose a brandable name
  8. Your business name
  9. Your own name
  10. Your focus keyword
  11. Meaningful combination of words
  12. Be careful of multiple consonant letters
  13. Use domain name generators
  14. Do social media consultation
  15. Check for the price with various domain name registrars
  16. Try as much as possible to register your domain by yourself
  17. If you have the money, register it for many years

I hope this content meets your need.