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Best WordPress hosting convesio for your website: Convesio Review 2022

The WordPress web hosting platform has come a long way since they resumed business in May 27, 2003. Currently, about 30% of the entire websites are built on WordPress platform. As such, this article wants to review in detail, the best WordPress hosting convesio.

Every hosting plan works with WordPress and with a single click, WordPress would be installed on your host. There are several hosting plans available for your consideration.

But then, it is important to know that setting up a website is not just about having a good domain name and an awesome design. There are more technical issues to it such that if not properly handled, would mar your website experience. Having an awesome host is one thing that must be carefully considered.

This is why this content on Best WordPress hosting convesio is coming your way. Experts recommend convesio in order to have a good web hosting experience. But then, this may not be readily affordable for low-budget website owners, but it has amazing features. There are several hosting services that will actually give value for the little money you can afford. But then, the value is dependent on your budget. For Best WordPress hosting convesio, you are guaranteed to get even more than you pay for.

In the 21st century, any business that is not online may not go beyond a physical geographical location. As such, without waste of time, you need to start a website for your business. Here is why it is necessary. Having read why it is necessary, this is how you can do it.

Thus, sit and relax with a cup of coffee as we dig deep into this awesome host. This content will tell you everything you need to know about convesio and help inform your decision making.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP that helps you host your website. Currently, WordPress boasts of hosting about 30% of all websites on the internet. This is an amazing fit that is not easily achieved. It has amazing features like plugins (free and paid) and themes that can help you customize your website to suit your choice.

Convesio was originally created as a blog-publishing system but has evolved to support other web content types including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, membership sites, learning management systems (LMS) and online stores.

It then becomes a clear proof that WordPress is the best CMS to use for your website. Convesio works very fine with WordPress such that with just about three clicks, your website will be live and successfully running. WordPress has become the choice of many website owners.

Several big websites like Forbes, are built on the WordPress CMS. This is because WordPress was built with the highest level of simplicity such that you may not necessarily need to be a professional website developer to be able to use it. In short terms, WordPress is user-friendly. This is why many businesses choose it. With the availability of plugins and themes, you can customize your website to any how you want it.

Best wordpress hosting convesio: The Features

Every hosting service or company has amazing features that gives it a competitive advantage over other hosts. But in the case of convesio, its features are matchless and second to none. Some of them include;

True auto scaling: There are various packages in the Best WordPress hosting convesio. Each of these packages come with various features like bandwidth. When you subscribe for a particular package with a band-with of about 10,000 monthly visitors and have traffic of more than 10,000, instead of turning the other visitors away, Convesio scales up automatically to accommodate them. This happens automatically so that you do not lose your visitors.

This is an amazing feature which you do not see in any other host company. Although, scaling up to accommodate the extra visitors does not mean that that is the feature of the package you subscribed for. After the case, the system automatically scales down again to what it is supposed to be normally. The scaling service also attracts extra charges.

Resilient by design:  Convesio operates in the distributed computing environment. It sets up redundancy check such that your information is stored in different containers. There are times a server maybe down and your website will be offline for a short period. But in Convesio, once a server is down, another server picks up immediately such that your website will continually be online. As such, you may not notice any bridge in the operation of your website

It’s very fast: It provides a very fast hosting service for your website. Ordinarily, when your website is slow, you suspect a plugin, an issue with the host or an error made by you. But in the case of convesio, such is eliminated. The system is very fast and it assures your website of a fast loading speed. This is made possible because Convesio has a feature that helps optimize the speed of your website.

SysAdmin-free: You may not necessarily need to be computer literate to be able to navigate the dashboard. It was designed in such a way to accommodate novices as well as experts.

Pay-For-What-You-Use: As much as the service charge may be high, yet you pay for what you use. There are no forms of hidden charges at all. With the auto scaling feature, you have the advantage of even enjoying extra benefits compared to what you paid for. No need to plan for peak usage and buy the most expensive option.  Auto scaling means you just pay for what you use.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: Security checks and levels

Convesio provides a high level of security for their clients. As far as the internet is concerned, security is the biggest issue and challenge that must be addressed. Several files has been lost online as a result of poor or no security measures in place. Many websites has been grounded for the same issue. As such, convesio pays serious attention to security matters in order to reduce the vulnerability of the clients. There are basically four security methods set in place by convesio which has a singular goal of protecting customer’s WordPress websites from malware, bots & DDoS attacks. They include;

Security by Design: By design, every website on Convesio is deployed to its own fully isolated container. This is totally different from what is obtainable in the shared hosting, where a compromised website on the same server can infect another. As such, it appears as though every website is quarantined in its isolation center to avoid contact with other websites. As such, a vulnerable website on the same host has nothing to do with yours. This is a feature which several hosting services do not provide. As such, convesio stands out very unique for this.

A Complete Security Suite: Apart from having every website in its unique container, other security apps have been deployed. Also, human presence is ensured. This help to ensure a 24/7 security system for websites. The security apps works fine to prevent the activities of malware from intruding and causing harm on a website. Some of the services built into this are, Advanced HTTP / HTTPS enforcement tool, country based access rules, malware scanning, and a wide range of security protocols and policies.

You’re In Control: Another advanced security measure put in place is the fact that you are in control of what happens on your website. You take responsibility for whatsoever goes wrong. This feature empowers website owner in order to play effective role in enhancing the security of their website. When the company handles everything, clients may not be fully satisfied. As such, clients are empowered to work hand-in-hand to ensure the security of their websites.

World-class Infrastructure: Best WordPress hosting convesio is built and hosted on the best cloud computing platform, jointly powered by Google Cloud and AWS. As far as cloud computing is concerned, Google and Amazon provides the best services. Thus, convesio been powered by both platforms makes it amazing and matchless.

Additionally, the Best wordpress hosting convesio provides some other services like FREE SSL Certificates, Free Daily Backups and Two-Factor Authentication.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: Page speed optimization

Beyond providing a secured host for clients, it also provides a page speed optimization tool. This tool helps you optimize your website loading speed in order to reduce bounce rate. One of the most frustrating things in visiting a website is waiting for so long for the website to load. Ordinarily, no one waits beyond 5 seconds for a website to load. As such, convesio provides high optimization tools for your page speed. There are several things that can make a website load slowly. Convesio combats each of them individually. This is achieved through the following; CSS Optimization, Javascript Optimization, Image Optimization, Lazy Loading, Global CDN, Minification, Compression, Deferral of Resources, Professional Implementation, Basic QA and Testing and Optimization Support.

Plans and Pricing

Although the prizes for the various plans of the best WordPress hosting convesio may not be affordable for low-budget startups, yet the truth remains that you stand to gain more than you pay for. The services may be expensive, but there is actually no form of regret accompanied with it. You pay much and get quality services for what you paid for. There are basically three hosting plans with 7 levels. They are listed below but clearly explained in the images following


Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

This is the least and cheapest plan offered by the best WordPress hosting convesio. This package goes for $50 per month and has no extra setup fee attached to it.

BUSINESS PLANS LEVEL 2: This is the next plan after the level 1 start plan. The business plan has three levels of services it provides. This service goes for $150 per month.    

BUSINESS PLAN LEVEL 3: It goes for $300 monthly  

BUSINESS PLAN LEVEL 4: This service goes for $600 per month

Best WordPress Hosting Convesi

ENTERPRISE PLANS LEVEL 5: This service goes for $1000  

ENTERPRISE PLAN LEVEL 6: This service goes for $1600 monthly 

ENTERPRISE PLAN LEVEL 7: This service is charged at $2400 per month

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

30 days free trial

Unlike other hosting services, Convesio offers a 30 days free trial for prospective clients. Within this period, you are free to use their services to know how it works. The company does not request for any credit card detail within the period of this trial. As such, you can decide to opt out of the service if you are not satisfied with the quality of service rendered.

The 30 days trial version has the following features; 2 Free Trial Sites, 24/7 Expert Support, Multiple Datacenter Locations, Free Basic Migration Support, Before/After Speed Comparison and Assisted Onboarding. With these, it is clear that you stand to have almost all the features of a standard hosting package in this 30 days free trial. With this, you can decide either to continue or not to. Therefore the level of transparency of the system is highly commendable.

Professional services

Convesio offers high professional services. These services are not just limited to experts. Newbies and those who knows nothing about cloud hosting are also carried along. Convesio host is powered by Google cloud and AWS. These are the two most powerful cloud service providers on the internet. As such, their quality of service is no jokes. Combining Google cloud and AWS is the highest level of professionalism. Some of the professional services they offer include;

Technical Audit: It provides an audit service that helps you to audit your website from time to time. In running a website, it is good to frequently audit it so as to know how it serves your users and visitors. With a site audit service, you can discover the load speed, broken links and other places to make amendments. This service is inbuilt in the hosting service.

Advanced wordpress security: By default, the company provides security services for clients as discussed above. But beyond the ones provided for every client, there is an advanced security package for clients. There are actually some websites that needs advanced security services. For example, running a blog, you could just go for the normal security services provided by the company. But in running a company that collects credit card details and some other sensitive information from users, then you need an advanced security package.

Complex wordpress Migration: In running a wordpress website, there are times you will need to migrate from one service to the other or from a basic plan to a premium one. Sometimes, a plugin handles this for you. But there are time when the case becomes complex that a plugin will not handle it effectively. In that case, convesio has made provisions for that. You can easily do it with the convesio web host in few clicks. In the case where you have issues, there is a 24/7 customer service available for you.

Consultancy: Beyond the service of hosting your website, convesio offers a consultancy service as well. There are several issues that can only be handled by a professional consultant. In that case, convesio is at your service. It helps plan, deliver and manage your agency’s work to help you achieve your desired result.

Who uses this service?

It is important to also discuss who these services are meant for. The best WordPress hosting Convesio service is built for various categories of users in different spheres. These users include but not limited to;

Startups and Scaleups

Convesio will help you as a startup company to build a very firm foundation for growth and development. Seeing that most websites today are built with wordpress CMS, convesio becomes the best hosting for you to start your website from scratch. This is because it was designed for WordPress at scale. As such, it is a perfect fit for an entrepreneur’s ambitions.

IT & Marketing Departments

The IT and marketing departments of various companies can also leverage convesio. The consultancy service they provide is not limited to any kind of business. As such, no matter how small or large your business may be, convesio can work for you.

WooCommerce Stores

Convesio can optimize your WooCommerce store for enhanced performance and ensure it can handle a high level of concurrency. In running an ecommerce platform, the performance of your website is key. As such, convesio has awesome customizations that will give your woocommerce store a top notch experience. If this is assured, your customers will continue to return to your store. Convesio was built to handle large spikes in traffic so your online shop doesn’t shut down when a crowd turns up. It was designed to handle multiple orders per second.


Marketing and SEO agencies can leverage convesio to achieve results beyond their imagination. This will help you outsource your services to trusted third parties and you will not regret it.


Experts recommend this best WordPress hosting convesio for several wordpress websites. These recommendations are as a result of the quality of service offered by convesio. Their level of professionalism is second to none and this is why Best WordPress Hosting Convesio stands out amidst other hosting services.

As has been clearly explained, it is fully designed for WordPress websites. As such, this will be an awesome experience for you if you choose to leverage it.

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