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Bing Video and its amazing features

In the level of technology we have reached, most people are only used to YouTube for their video contents. This is the only platform they know to upload and watch videos. They have become so accustomed to YouTube that they do not even know that there are other platforms that perform same services or rather similar services with YouTube. As such, in this content I will give you a detailed insight to Bing video and tell you almost all you need to know about it. Perhaps, after reading this content you may choose Bing video as your favorite streaming platform.

Bing Video is a video streaming and sharing platform owned by Microsoft Corporation. The platform was developed in 2004 as MSN Video/Live Search Video and later renamed and rebranded to Bing Video Search in 2009. The service works as a search engine that enables the users to browse and view videos across various websites on the web.  Since inception, it has remained consistent and dedicated to video searching, streaming and sharing. The Bing Video is an integration of the Bing search engine.

Bing search engine was initially reported to be the third largest search Engine in the United State in October, 2018 with about 4.58% search volume in the search Engine market. This volume seams low because Google dominated with about 77% search volume. But with the release of Windows 10, the Bing search Engine has grown more in popularity because it serves as the default search engine for Microsoft Edge, which is also the default browser for Windows 10. As such, Bing search engine has experienced a higher usage with this integration.

With this, Bing Video search has become the second largest search engine for video contents just behind YouTube. One of the success of Bing search is because it is largely powered by Yahoo search. Recently, Bing and Yahoo signed an integration and partnership agreement. As such, they share resources together.

Features of Bing Video

Bing video has its awesome features that makes it stand out from other video search engines. Before now, you may be aware of other video search engines like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. All these platforms has their distinct features that differentiates them from the other. As such, Bing also has its features which will make you prefer it over other video search engines. Here are some of the features of Bing video that makes it stand out.

  1. Find and watch videos: On a general note, every video search engine enables you to Search for videos by keywords or categories, browse for popular, recently uploaded, and related videos. Bing video is not lacking in this feature as its algorithm is topnotch in delivering this service.

2. Share videos: On this platform, every video has its own separate web address. With this address, you can share the video via various platforms like Blog, Whatsapp, Email, Facebook or even instant message.

3. Although not all types of videos are accepted on Bing, yet some of the categories of contents permissible include, but not limited to music videos, animated shorts, viral videos, original content, sports video, TV shows, news shorts etc.

4. Smart Preview: It has a smart preview feature that enable users to preview a video by hovering your mouse over its thumbnail. Once you hover your mouse over the thumbnail of the video, you will be able to watch a short preview of the original video. Preview of the video is just a brief summary of the entire video which may be one minute or a little above that.

5. Filter: It also has a feature that filter results by video duration. This will help you know the duration of a particular video content. With this feature, you will be able to set your search requirements. This is to say that if you want to watch videos of 5 minutes, you can specify it. If you do so, in your result, you will not have a video that is more than 5 minutes in duration. 

6. Sorting: The algorithm of the Bing Video sort results by either relevance, language or date. By relevance, it identifies which video contents match your target keywords and the outputs them as result. Also, it outputs results by the date the videos were posted. Although, this is not always applicable in all cases.

7. View Selection: You can easily switch between views. You can switch between the grid view and list view

8. Integrated to Bing search: Bing video is not a standalone platform like the YouTube. It is integrated into the Bing search engine and works together with other Bing services like Bing News, Map, Images etc.

9. Videos are not hosted on Bing Videos: Unlike YouTube where users can host videos directly, Bing videos does not host any video. Rather they access videos that are posted on websites and display them on their search results. As such, Bing only caches the video in its cache memory, but ordinarily, the video is not stored on its database. This works with a similar algorithm to that of search engines. Search engines on their own do not have contents, rather they are able to index contents from websites and display as output. This is the same way Bing video works.

10. Parental Control Filter: The algorithm for Bing video provides for monitoring activities performed on the platform. This feature is most important for parents who would want to monitor the activities carried out by their children on the internet. But then, since these videos are not uploaded on Bing video but rather on other websites, this algorithm does not report those sites where the videos are uploaded. Rather, they report Bing, since it is the platform through which they are viewed.

11. Result list is vast: Bing Video search can find videos on any topic imaginable. Since this platform works with several other platforms, there may be videos that you will not find on YouTube but you will find on Bing video. For example, YouTube does not support pornography but Bing Video does. As such, any topic you can ever imagine, Bing has a video for you.

12. It’s algorithm is topnotch: It uses a powerful algorithm to show you the best results for your query, including links to YouTube and other video sites

13. It has a “People Also Ask” section that gives you related queries from people. In keyword research, this tool is a very powerful tool to know what topic to create contents for. When you clearly know what people are searching for, your keyword research difficulty will reduce.

14. SafeSearch: It also has a safesearch feature that helps you filter out result that are explicit.

15. Bing trend: It shows videos that are most popular within 24hours time frame. What this means is that it tracks the most popular and watched videos daily.

Bing Video Search vs YouTube Search

For the video creation and sharing platform, the competition there is almost as that in the search engine market. YouTube is the largest search engine for videos just as Google is for search queries. But then, the market for the Bing video is interestingly increasing as the company has over time, adopted amazing marketing and advertisement strategies. Here are some of the differences between Bing Video and YouTube.

  1. For Bing video, you do not necessarily upload videos on the platform. Rather, it works like a search engine which gets results by crawling several websites. This is how Bing video works. When you are looking for a video on Bing, it shows you results from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, Hulu and other video sharing platforms and websites. But for YouTube, you can upload videos directly to YouTube. When a search is made for a video on YouTube, only videos uploaded on YouTube will be indexed. This makes YouTube take full responsibility and ownership of every video uploaded on the platform.
  2. In recent development, YouTube has adapted the video preview feature when you hover over a video. This feature has always been on Bing Video Search. Another major difference here is that for the Bing video preview, it has a sound integration with which you will know the quality of the video. But YouTube only has the preview feature without any sound integration.
  3. On Bing Video Search, you can save videos by clicking on the “Save” button. The said video saves in the “My Saves” section, from which you can watch later. This is similar to the YouTube’s “Watch Later” playlist for desktop or the download for mobile. When you click on the download button on your mobile device, the video saves in the download folder of YouTube and not on the device itself.

How to use Microsoft’s Bing Video Search

As we have established that Bing video search is an awesome platform to surf video contents, let us proceed to know how we can use this great tool. In terms of results for searches, Bing seems to be smarter than other video search engines. It generates relevant and required videos from all trending sources. It also offers browsing of T.V shows, sports videos, news, and music videos, etc. Since Bing video is integrated into the Bing search engine, to search any video on Bing, click on the video tab.

Play Preview:

The first thing is to drag your mouse on videos to watch. This will help you watch part of the video as preview without having to visit the source. This is a unique feature in this platform, although in recent time, YouTube has copied it. With this feature, you can preview the video and audio quality and save time and data while surfing the video. With the feature, you can preview videos without visiting the actual source.

Click on the Video you want to watch:

The next step is to expand the video. By expand, we mean click on the exact video to be able to watch it in full. When you expand the video, you will also be able to see a list of related videos on the right-hand side of your search.

There are no Ads before the video:

One of the drawbacks to YouTube is the fact that ads are displayed before some videos start playing. This is so annoying most times as it consumes your time. It’s search service is more user-friendly by the way it cuts off the ads from search. But then, you can still find a banner ad on video, but that never stops us from watching the video.

Limitations of Bing Video

It is clear that whatever has advantage has disadvantages as well. With this in mind, it becomes important that having stated where Bing is good, let us state where they do not get it right.

YouTube is more popular that Bing video:

There are videos on YouTube that has millions of views. This is because millions of people use YouTube daily. But this is totally different in the case of Bing. It does not have much popularity and as such, your views may not be as massive as that of YouTube.

You cannot upload your video on Bing

Bing is not like YouTube where you can create your own channel and upload videos anytime you want. Bing gets results from other videos streaming platforms like YouTube, hulu, Daily motion, Vimeo, Vevo and so on. As such, when videos are uploaded on these platforms, Bing gets results through them. On its own, Bing does not support a direct video upload.


Let me conclude this content by recommending that you try out this amazing platform. You may be very familiar with other video surfing platforms but not Bing video. As such, a trial will convince you of its matchless features.

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