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Blogging Challenges: 9 things that makes blogging frustrating

If you hear of how bloggers make their money and the kind of flamboyant lifestyle they live, you may be tempted to think that blogging is as easy as it appears to be. Blogging can actually be the final bus stop to your financial battles, but then it is not as it appears to be.

Blogging offers lots and tons of benefits to bloggers and it has lots of mouthwatering potentials. Several bloggers are done with job search/hunting. Instead, they have become employers of labor. Blogs like lindaikeji, worldscholarshipforum, backlinko, newbalancejobs, businessyield and lots more employ the services of several persons. Some are freelancers while others are full time employees.

With this, the owners of such blogs no longer need any other form of job because the revenue from these blogs are massive. You may be tempted to think that blogging is an easy stuff since you are not aware of the countless sleepless nights, failures, headaches and heartaches, the frustrations and such likes. This is why many people venture into blogging on a daily basis, even without understanding what blogging is all about.

Some people came across contents of bloggers packing into their new houses, acquiring new cars and other financial achievements and immediately, they proceed to register a domain name and get a good web designer who designs a blog for them. They fail to understand that blogging is not an easy endeavor and before long, they quit again because the reality has dawned on them and they have found out that blogging is not as easy as they think.
Every business is wonderful, yet every business could frustrate the life out of you. If you do not do an intensive study about blogging, you may end up getting frustrated. There are several times when blogging takes more from you than what it gives you.

In this post, I want to present some things that will make your blogging career frustrating. The idea is not for you to be afraid of blogging or quit blogging. Rather, it is to equip you in your quest and search for knowledge. Remember that Rome was not built in a day, neither did Dubai become what it is now overnight. Little drops of water will surely make a mighty ocean, although it may take a very long time to do that.

blogging frustration

1. Low traffic

Low traffic could be described in a scenario where you stock your shop with inventories worth $100,000. You open your shop very early in the morning and close late at night. You could even have some sales representatives whom you place on salaries. But in the end, you are hardly seeing people come to your shop. The point is not that you are not making sales, rather people are not even showing up in your shop. It is when people come to your shop that you can talk of making sales. This is the case with low traffic.

My first blog was a Christianity blog. The highest traffic I ever had was 184 and this was because I ran adverts for one of the contents. Actually, religion blogs could be very boring such that people may not be interested in it. I later created another blog known as scholarshipchecker. The highest traffic I ever had was 233. At these times, I have had no proper understanding about blogging. I never knew what SEO meant even after blogging for about 4 years. I thought blogging was all about putting contents on your website. As such, I worked tirelessly to get contents (articles, news etc) on the site and most times, nobody ever reads them.

You know that feeling that you have when you want to start a blog, after hearing the success stories of other bloggers and you think that within three years, your financial fortunes will just skyrocket. At that time, you will start making some financial projections and calculations. But in the end, you spend more money than you earn. This was actually the case with me.

Sadly, this is also the case with several bloggers. This is the reason why many bloggers end up quitting. What they thought was obtainable was not actually what is available in the real life scenario. Low traffic could make your blogging career very unattractive and discouraging. Every business is always people centric such that when the people are no longer coming, your business tends to lose its essence. If you have a blog, what actually determines your success is the kind of traffic you pull. If you do not pull much traffic, your blog will just be there for you.

There are some contents that when writing them, you fill on top of the world because of the inspiration to write them. From your assessment, they are the kind of contents that people need to lay their hands on. As such, you may think that search engines will magically index those contents and move them to front page which will attract massive traffic. Unfortunately, you may have a blog with 500 contents and none of them even ranks in the first three pages. This is how bad it could be. Many people have gotten to this point in their career, yet nothing seems to work out. Poor traffic is the first discouraging factor in blogging.

2. When they don’t rank well

The second thing that could affect your blogging career and make blogging very boring for you is when your blogs do not rank on search engines. Google, the world largest search engine controls about 70% of all searches done on the internet. As such, every blogger wants to rank on Google. But then, does every content rank on Google? Of course no.

For example, a keyword like “Content Marketing Strategy” may have more than 100,000 posts written within the space of that keyword. But then, it is actually impossible for 100,000 posts to rank at the same time. No matter the efforts put into those posts, all of them cannot rank at the same time. Sadly, your post may be one of such post that may not rank.

There are several sites with tons of contents, yet none of such contents rank on Google first three pages. That could be seriously frustrating. Ranking on search engines is a very serious matter that no blogger takes for granted. You could pull traffic through social media, forums, direct click, ads etc. yet, ranking on search engines (organic traffic) remains the best and surest way to grow your online business.

3. When you rank for a keyword that is hardly searched

At this point, we have a content that ranks number 1 for a certain keyword but unfortunately, no one every searches that keyword. Your SEO was accurate, your content quality is matchless, yet the keyword receives little to no searches daily. When I was doing my education blog, I had such an issue, where I ranked number 1 for a particular keyword. When I discovered that my post ranked Number 1 for that keyword, I was excited. I thought I had broken the SEO jinx. I thought that blogging secrets have been unveiled to me. At that time, I just made contents without knowing the secrets of blogging. I write as I get inspirations for topics. After several weeks, there was no significant difference in the traffic I received to my blog. This too can make blogging look very frustrating. For this reason, in a bid to do your keyword research, pay attention to search volume received by that keyword. With this, you will be able to predict what will happen to your blog if your content ranks on first page.

4. Blogging for third world country audience

Blogging for the third world countries could be frustrating too. I watched a tutorial on YouTube and saw a blog that received $0.68 per click. Some receive far more than that. Yet, one of my friends who blog for the third world countries receives 0.04 – 0.20 per click from Adsense. Doing a thorough comparison of the both blogs, you will discover that there will be a serious revenue difference if the both blogs are to generate 1000 clicks per day. In blogging, location of the visitors matters a lot.

Traffic from countries like England, USA, France, Russia, Germany, China etc. pay more than from Nigeria, Ghana, Haiti and other developing countries. Thus, if you decide to run a blog that majority of your traffic comes from these regions, then you must ensure that you set modalities in place to have massive daily traffic. If this is not done, your effort will be more than your reward.

5. When AdSense does not approve your site

If AdSense is the only monetization strategy you had in mind before you thought of blogging, then there may be serious issues if adsense does not approve your blog. In recent time, getting approved by Google AdSense has become a tug of war game that leaves several bloggers frustrated. You will get frustrated when you see massive traffic on your blog, yet there is no monetization strategy for your blog. Your visitors will troop to your blog and in like manner, they will troop out of your blog as well. Take time to understand how Google adsense works and look for other alternatives to Google adsense in case of disapproval.

Ajah Excel, who own worldscholarshipforum blogged for more than a year before he got approved by Google Adsense. What if he had no money to renew his domain and hosting. What if all his eggs were cast into one basket and he thought of renewing the blog through proceeds for Adsense, what would have been his lot?

6. More input with less output

Blogging could be very stressful. With the current level of competition in every niche, blogging is not something you will do as a side hustle or part time endeavor. Blogging need your full attention and time. If you do not put in your time to blogging, those who put in their time will snatch away traffic from you without mercy. Many of us have had several sleepless nights, others have spent so much money to hire the services of freelancers, and others have also done some sort of sacrifices to make their blog profitable.

Unfortunately, many blogs may never be as profitable as the owners want. There are some blogs that will never pay you more than your output. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why many people quit blogging to look for other sources of income. If your blogs takes more than it gives you, then that will not be encouraging. You will surely be tempted to give up. But there is a way out for people with this problem. Consistency is key.

You will never start ranking the day you start blogging. With the rate and level of competition across various blogging niches, it takes an average of 18 months for blogs to become profitable. Except if from your first day of publishing contents on your blog, you start running ads for your contents and blog. Nobody will ever advice and encourage you to do so. Blogging will pay you, but it will take your time.

7. Much traffic with less revenue

If you run a blog where you sell services, you may expect to make a sale per 100 visitors. In like manner if you run an ordinary blog, you may expect one click per 20 pageviews. If this is your expectation, then it is possible not to meet up with this expectation. When your blog has massive pageviews and low revenue, it will surely not be funny. You smile every time you are on your Google analytics dashboard, yet when compared with your Adsense and other monetization strategies, you tend to shed tears.

8. When you don’t have fund to promote and run ads

To blog successfully, you need funds to promote your blog. There are some themes that are premium. You need some premium plugins. You need premium hosts. You also need to run ads. All these need involves money and if you do not have such money, it may not be easy and funny with you.

There are several plugins and themes that are free, yet getting the premium version will be more advisable for you. If you want to rank for several keywords, then yoast free plugin will not do, you need to subscribe for the premium version. If you want to collect emails and you use the free version of Hello Bar, you will not enjoy it. If you do not upgrade to a premium hosting, you tend to lose lots of traffic that could have converted and in turn increase your revenue.

9. When you hear the success stories of fellow bloggers and yet, you have no story of your own

One of the reasons why people choose a particular profession is the success stories of people in that profession. With this, many people chose blogging after hearing about the likes of Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Linda Ikeji, Ajah Excel etc unfortunately, haven heard their stories, tons of people rush into blogging thinking they will succeed like these ones. Sadly, it is possible that after hearing their stories and applying their recommendations yet, you may not break even or succeed as you want to. This too can be frustrating and discouraging.


In conclusion, blogging is a very lucrative endeavor but not everyone succeeds in it. Blogging can make you financially free for life yet, it could make others bankrupt for life. Blogging can make you happy for life yet, it could make others frustrated for life.

I have listed 9 things that could make blogging frustrating for you yet, there is good news. There is light at the end of the tunnel. As Rome was not built in a day, blogging careers do not skyrocket overnight. If any of the above is a problem to you, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube, there are tons of blog posts that can be of help to you. Keep reading! Keep researching!! Keep studying!!! Apply every strategy you learn, hopefully you will overcome these challenges someday. It may take time but consistency is the key.

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