google ranking factor

Is Publishing Contents Daily a Google Ranking Factor?

As SEO experts, we preach and advise website owners to be consistent with publishing contents on a daily basis. But then, is publishing contents daily a Google ranking factor for websites? Does publishing contents daily increases ranking on search engine? This is the question this content seeks to answer. Recently, ...
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27 Best Freelancing Websites in 2022 – An In-depth Review

Are you a freelancer looking for platforms to convert your skills to money? Actually, when your skill does not earn you money, it is as good as not having it at all. This content has been put together to help you convert your freelancing skill to monetary values. As such, ...
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long tail keywords

Why you Should Choose Long Tail Keywords for your Blog Contents

Don't punish yourself by trying to rank for short tail keywords. As the world of blogging becomes more interesting and competitive daily, the need to remain relevant in your niche and rank on search engines increases as well. But then, ranking on search engines is not magical but a product ...
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What is Freelancing? Everything you should know about freelancing in 2022

In the 21st century, the quest for digital jobs has been on the rise. Although digital jobs has been in existence since the inception of the internet, but it gained more popularity in the post Covid-19 era. Covid-19 drew the attention of several individuals and organization on the possibility of ...
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Content Creation

Content Creation: 7 Qualities of a Good Content

Content creation has grown to become a highly demanded service in the internet space. With more than 300 million websites on the internet, seeking to be updated with contents as frequent as possible. Many of the owners of these websites do not write contents for themselves. Also some of the ...
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free keyword research tools

11 Free keyword research tools for Beginners in 2022

Hello blogger, how do you do keyword research for your blog? To start with, do you actually do keyword research or you just write as you feel like. In this post, I will show you amazing free keyword research tools for beginners. As a beginner, I know your budget is ...
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bing video

Bing Video and its amazing features

In the level of technology we have reached, most people are only used to YouTube for their video contents. This is the only platform they know to upload and watch videos. They have become so accustomed to YouTube that they do not even know that there are other platforms that ...
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How to Set Your Home Address on Iphone

How to Set Your Home Address on Iphone

In recent time, the use of Iphones has increased drastically and as such, almost everyone want to use it. As such, it becomes important that we explain some basic things you need to know in order not to be a total stranger to the device. Here, I want to show ...
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How to Find Steam ID on Mobile

Although the title of this content is How to Find Steam ID on Mobile, yet I will tell you everything you need to know about steam and how to find steam ID on Mobile and desktop. You may have not heard of steam before now, or you may have heard ...
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How To Delete Payoneer Account

In this post, I want to show you how to delete Payoneer account. There are actually several reasons why you may choose to delete any of your accounts. I listed some of them in this post. But then, feeling unsatisfied with the quality of service delivered to you may be ...
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how to run adverts professionally

How to Run Adverts Professionally: 12 Ads Secret from top brands

Have you ever thought of how to run adverts professionally? Today, it is an established fact that businesses cannot grow without adverts and promotion. As a result of that, advertisement companies rake in billions of dollars yearly by helping businesses reach their target audience. Adverts accounts for the bulk of money generated by facebook, google, …

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Get more traffic

How to Get more traffic to your Website in 2022: 18 Proven and result generating tips

For how long have you owned a website? What is the quality of your website traffic? Do you want to increase your website traffic?In the world of internet, no traffic is enough. Even if your website is the only website on the internet with particular information such that everybody seeking information on that subject matter …

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