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9 Powerful ChatGPT Alternatives

In this article, I want to list other ChatGPT alternatives that performs same services like the ChatGPT. This list is relevant and important to several people, seeing that the ChatGPT has started facing lots of criticisms. Some countries have already banned the service of ChatGPT. Some IT companies has also banned the integration of this tool to their services. As such, for one reason or the other you may not be able to access this tool, there are other tools that you can use to achieve what you want to achieve. 

The world of Artificial Intelligence got a strong disruption in November 2022 with the introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI. This AI tool has lots of great and awesome features that makes it outstanding and inclusive for almost every category of internet users. This is the major reason for the amazing disruption it has caused in the AI world.

The ChatGPT can be used for various purposes such as, content creation, search engine services, designs, animations, solving calculations, coding, script writing, editing, translation etc. With this, this single tool has become widely used by almost every category of internet users. The innovation is increasing speedily to accommodate more users as well. As such, with time, the ChatGPT will replace a lot of things and tools.

ChatGPT is about the leading AI Chatbot in the market today. AI chatbots are virtual programs and apps designed to simulate human conversation. With AI chatbots, you engage in conversations as if you are talking to another human instead of machine. Since the introduction of ChatGPT, AI chatbots have vastly increased in quantity. This is because, in order to remain relevant in business, other leading giants in the technological space introduced their own bots.

Although there are other AI tools in existence before the introduction of the ChatGPT, yet their impact was not as felt as that of ChatGPT. To know more about the ChatGPT, read my content.


Although there are so many other AI tools that has been developed, this content will not publish all of them. We paid attention to the most sophisticated of them. Here is the list of the ChatGPT alternatives that you can use for your AI related activities.

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#1 Google Bard

Google Bard tops the list of ChatGPT alternatives. This is because it is the most suitable alternative to the ChatGPT. The Chatbot, although at the experimental stage can do a lot like answering questions, drafting emails and planning events. The technological innovation behind the development of the Google bard was the introduction of ChatGPT. If Google does not seat up in its services and innovation, they will be displaced in the search market because of these Chatbots. As such, in order to remain relevant, Google developed the Chatbot called Google Bard. For the fact that this tool is at its experimental stage, it is prone to lots of errors. As such, Google quickly detects such errors in cases where they occur.

This Chatbot is an extension of the Google search service. For that reason, you will see the button called, “Google It” beside the responses. This button when clicked upon will redirect you to the Google Search Engine. That means users interact with it by typing in a query or request into a text box, and then the AI will bring out a response using a conversational tone.

Google bard

Google Bard was developed with their existing LaMDA AI platform and it is trained with the GPT model of a huge dataset. As such, once a question is asked, it provides feedback based on the dataset with which it was trained. This tool is strictly text-based, unlike ChatGPT when powered by GPT-4 or the new Bing chatbot’s Bing Image Generator.

Additionally, it can only handle U.S. English language inputs and outputs at this time. Currently, according to Bard, the chatbot can generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content and answer questions. It can generate poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, email, letters and more. Although, Bard is considered an alternative to ChatGPT, yet for now, it is a standalone system unlike its counterpart that has been integrated into almost every aspect of our life and existence.

Although Bard and ChatGPT offers similar services, yet Bard has an awesome advantage because of its attachment and affiliation to Google. As a result of this, it has access to limitless quantity of data and resources. It also has access to cutting-edge language models and technologies, leading to highly precise answers and data. 

#2 Bing AI

In the search industry market, the competition between Google and Bing keeps skyrocketing, such that whatever Google does, Bing will replicate and whatever Bing does, Google will replicate. Since the release of the ChatGPT, Google and Bing has also release their Artificial Intelligent search service with which they hope to compete with ChatGPT in order to retain their relevance in the search market.

Bing AI is an experience that combines the Microsoft search engine with a custom version of the ChatGPT bot from OpenAI to provide more human conversational answers rather than a list of links on a page that may or may not contain the correct information as applicable in the search engine services.

It can answer complex questions, perform different tasks, and you can interact with it knowing that it’ll understand the context.


Chatgpt alternatives

However, it’s important to note that no matter how you use the chatbot, you should never blindly rely on the answers since there will always be problems with accuracy and mistakes. This tool seeks to emulate the ChatGPT. Seeing that ChatGPT also makes mistakes and provide incorrect responses at some point, it therefore means that any chatbot that seeks to emulate it will also be susceptible to errors. The ChatGPT version of Bing is content-aware, meaning the AI will remember your previous searches, so you can ask follow-up questions without starting over. In this experience, you can ask questions of up to 2000 characters.

When asking a question, the Bing AI will answer accordingly, usually in bullet points or numbered steps. Depending on the answer, you will notice citations with links to the source of the data. In the answer, the citations appear with numbers next to specific keywords. Also, in the answer, you can hover over the text to show the source for that specific portion of the response. Additionally, the Chatbot can create images based on text input.

The only major limitation to this is that you can only perform up to 15 queries per session and up to 150 sessions per day. When using the chat, at the bottom-right corner of the response, you will notice the number of queries you asked and the remaining queries for the specific topic. Bing gives users the ability to ask queries with up to 1,000 words and get AI-powered responses. It has the capacity to process complex inquiries and look up information faster.

If Bing AI can’t provide a direct response to your query, it will give you a selection of related results. Bing AI can help you perform the following operation; plan events, answer questions and queries, create contents like blog posts, write poems, write stories, create quizzes etc.

Bing AI has access to live internet data, which ChatGPT does not have, it can get real-time information about trends and events, helping it provide more up-to-date and relevant responses to prompts than ChatGPT. It benefits from Microsoft’s vast wealth of AI resources, which gives it a topnotch advantage over other ChatGPT alternatives and ChatGPT itself. Bing AI may not be the best ChatGPT alternatives, but it is an incredible tool that stands a favourable chance to compete effectively

#3 Chatsonic AI

Chatsonic makes the list of ChatGPT alternatives because it is an advanced AI chatbot by Writesonic that helps with real-time data, images, and voice searches. Chatsonic has the same technological framework with ChatGPT. With this, it looks a bit as interactive as ChatGPT itself. ChatGPT can’t access data from the internet in real-time. This implies that it can’t access the World Wide Web to retrieve any information about recent events or events that aren’t included in its training data. It is at this point that Chatsonic has a competitive advantage over ChatGPT.

Chatsonic can access the internet and pull information from Google’s repository to create improved answers that are up-to-date and more consistent with recent events. Chatsonic can use voice commands and, if needed, get responses via voice. There’s also a feature to help you share, edit and download your conversations with the AI chatbot.

Chatsonic is a paid service as it goes for as high as $13 per month. With this subscription, you will be able to access more advanced features that makes this toll more outstanding than ChatGPT. You get allocated tokens, and once you’re out of tokens, you’ll have to stick with the barebones on offer. Although Chatsonic is interesting and fun to use, yet it is not as detailed as ChatGPT because it summarize its responses.

It can also quickly create content requirements based on user input, from Facebook ad copy to long-form articles and blogs. The Chatsonic model is trained to provide conversational answers, making it a great tool for customer service operations.

chatonic AI

Some of the features and abilities of Chatsonic include; Write factual content including real-time topics, The Persona mode, Generates images, Reads back responses, Remembers the conversation, edits, share and download the conversations, ChatSonic Twitter bot, ChatSonic Chrome extension, Turning text into digital art, Voice search and response options

The Chatsonic model is trained to generate conversational responses, making it a useful resource for call centres and other customer support environments.

It offers a higher level of personalization than ChatGPT, with a variety of personalities to choose from.

Additionally, you can get a free trial of the toll, but it has limited features. It is powered by GPT-4

Chatsonic also includes footnotes with links to the sources so you can verify the information it is feeding out to you. This is another vast contrast from ChatGPT.

Unlike ChatGPT, you can even talk to the AI using your microphone, and it can respond back in voice if you choose so. And once you are done with the conversation, you can also choose to share the replies through links or Word/ PDF docs.

#4 YouChat

In the search for an awesome ChatGPT alternatives, you will like the YouChat tool. YouChat is among the ChatGPT alternatives that is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model. Seeing that it has the same underlying architecture with ChatGPT, it therefore means that it has similar capabilities with ChatGPT.

YouChat also acts as a search engine that produces a list of links to indexed web pages relevant to your query. As such, it backs up many of its claims with links to sources, which are often top search results from websites like Wikipedia, product pages, or blogs. Additionally, it also support a ChatGPT-like conversation, where you can interact with the AI tool  in real time and get feedbacks on questions you ask.

chatgpt alternatives

The major limitation to this tool is a general limitation plaguing every AI tool that is powered by the GPT-3.5. The limitation is in the fact that the tool cannot provide accurate responses to questions to event that took place before 2021. This means that the information it can provide must be between 2021 till date.

YouChat can also write code, give advice, break down complicated concepts and summarize books. YouChat’s AI uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to converse like humans. It can respond to general inquiries, translate, and create emails. As it’s still in the development stage, it provides average answers. It lacks accuracy sometimes as the model is still under development.

One of the major advantages of Youchat is in the fact that because it is less popular compared to other tools, you can use it at any time. This is unlike the counterpart ChatGPT which is almost always crowded with traffic such that you have to join the long queue before it gets to your turn to be allowed in.  

#5 Poe by Quora 

Quora decided to develop its own ChatGPT alternatives that will perfom some functions of ChatGPT, although, not in it’s entirety. Poe was introduced in early 2023 by Quora. Poe in itself is not an AI tool, rather, it is a platform where you can talk to AI bots. The name Poe is an acronym which stands for ‘Platform for Open Exploration‘. On Poe, users can ask questions, get instant answers, and have back-and-forth conversations with several AI-powered bots. Poe serves as an interface were users can access other chatbots like Sage, ChatGPT, Dragonfly etc. Poe works extremely well and has little to no downtime while you talk away with the various AI bots. However, you do need to create an account to access it. Currently, Poe is available on iOS but not on Android.

chatgpt alternatives

Poe gives you access to different conversational AI platforms at once. Quora is working on creating an API that will allow AI coders to simply attach their model to Poe—making it simpler to use than ever before!

#6 Jasper Chat

Although Jasper is not a new AI content generation tool, it has been in business for some time now and has been well-accepted among users. Recently, it introduced new chatbot feature into its services. This new feature is known as Jasper Chat, and was developed on GPT 3.5, with OpenAI as its partner. Specifically, Jasper Chat was not built for everyone, rather for businesses like advertising, marketing etc.

It was said that Jasper Chat has learned from billions of articles and other pieces of information before mid-2021 in 29 languages. The process of integrating Google search data into the chatbot is underway. When this is fully done, Jasper Chat will be more powerful and sophisticated that it is currently. Jasper has contextual memory, so it does remember your past prompts. Jasper Chat is free, but in order to access all its feature, you will require Jasper’s Boss or Business plan for such.

Jasper AI

Formerly known as Jarvis, it is one of the most used AI writing tools available in the market besides Writesonic and is ideal for companies that need to generate high-quality content in a short amount of time. It has also acquired other writing tools, such as Shortly AI, and this will be integrated into it in the coming years.

You can select a topic and fill out the relevant form, and Jasper will create the article for you according to the instructions you have entered. The service has a 5-day free trial.

Jasper describes itself as an “AI Content Platform” with a focus on creating content to be posted on the internet. This includes everything from social media posts, articles, emails, website copy, classified listings, long-form content, meta descriptions, and more.

The platform also includes Jasper Chat, a chat interface that’s not dissimilar to ChatGPT. Unlike ChatGPT, Jasper isn’t free to use. The most you can hope for is a demo that gives you 10,000 words for free, and you’ll need to provide payment details to get started.

#7 Chinchilla

Chinchilla is another awesome and powerful ChatGPT alternatives with various features and advantages. It is based on transformer models, similar to GPT-3 and BERT, and outperforms ChatGPT on the mathematical MMLU dataset. To get access to Chinchilla, you will have to contact Deepmind. In spite of having the above-mentioned qualities, Chinchilla still lacks in providing ease of access, and additional features like ChatSonic does. It’s an optimal computing model that has 70 billion protocols. Chinchilla has four times more data than Gopher, also developed by DeepMind. Chinchilla is reportedly one of the best options for downstream evaluation tasks.

It’s a top-notch AI-based writing tool and has educational data on history. Without human help, it can produce a useful and readable article in less than an hour. You might have even heard of Chinchilla being mentioned as the “GPT Killer“.

#8 Replika

Replika is among the most powerful ChatGPT alternatives. It was developed using GPT-3 autoregressive language model that utilizes deep learning to create text with a human-like quality. The term, “autoregressive” means that the system learns from the values it has encountered before. Currently, it has over 10 million users.

Using this tool, you can chat about anything and everything. Since it uses the autoregressive language model, it therefore implies that the more you chat, the better it understands you. The services offered in replica is not free as the pro plans start from $19.99/month, while the lifetime deal costs $299.99. It is currently available on the web, smartphone, or the Oculus VR virtual reality platform. Replica was primarily at providing companionship.


Replika is a chatbot driven by artificial intelligence that can respond to your texts in the same way a human friend would, and it does it instantly. After being trained with a large dataset, it is capable of coming up with its own unique responses.

It keeps a virtual diary in which it adds entries after specific conversations. You can play games with it, and make video calls (if you have a Pro membership).

#9 Perplexity

Perplexity is another great ChatGPT alternative recently launched in the conversational AI space. It offers ChatGPT-like features, including conversational responses and content generation.

Perplexity AI is also powered by large language models (OpenAI API). It collects information from various popular platforms like Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and Amazon. However, it’s still in the beta phase, so it sometimes can pick up the information as it is, leading to plagiarized content.


Perplexity AI has several features, which include but not limited to; Generation of short conversational responses similar to ChatGPT, Gathering of information from sources like Wikipedia and sites them and simple interface without many features to complicate.

Currently, Perplexity is freeis, which may involve plagiarism. Go for a ChatGPT alternative like ChatSonic that creates unique content and responses.

Top of Form

Perplexity AI is an answer engine that delivers accurate answers to complex questions using large language models.

Currently, Perplexity AI is free for users.


The bottom line to this content is in the fact that technology is fast improving. But then, as technology increases and improves speedily, there is great rise in the competition of such technology. As stated in the introduction, the AI world experienced a fast boom with the introduction of ChatGPT. As such, it is the introduction of ChatGPT that led to the development and innovation of the above listed tools. Hence, if you are not okay with ChatGPT, I have provided 9 powerful ChatGPT alternatives for every interested user

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