In recent time, the social media space has received serious boost with the introduction of new social media platforms. Jack Dorsey (the co-founder of Twitter), after he left Twitter announced that launch of a new social media platform named Bluesky. This platform is set to rival Twitter to the last, seeing that Dorsey cam in with is wealth of experience from Twitter.

While we await the full release of the Bluesky Social media platform, unannounced, Meta released the Threads app. This app within the first 10 hours had 12 million downloads which is indeed massive. Although, this was largely because of the brand name “Meta”. With your instagram account, you can easily signup to the Threads app. This app runs on all operating systems.

Amidst all these, the competition in the social media space keeps increasing sporadically. The team at Silicon African Technologies has been working round the clock to ensure the launch of their social media platform known as diskox. The design and development stages of diskox social media platform has almost been completed as the app is set to be launched soon.

The vision behind the development of this social media platform was borne by the vision bearer and CEO of Silicon African Technologies Mr. Ajah Excel. Earlier this year, all his accounts on the Meta platform (Facebook, whatsapp and Instagram) were disabled without any reason. This development was an unfortunate one, seeing that he had grown his facebook to about 20,000 follower. Having made several contacts with some staff of the company, there a no hope of recovering the affected accounts.

This birthed the vision of Diskox which is the first African owned social media platform. This challenge encountered by Mr Ajah is not unique to him alone because there are tons of people out there who have suffered similar fate. As such, the vision of Diskox is to address every form of issue encountered by social media users. Diskox promises to be an exceptional platform as it will work on correcting all the anomalies of other social media platforms. 

Additionally, it was also observed that the rate at which Africans were treated by these social media platforms was not friendly. There are some users of these platforms in the first world countries who got their accounts verified with just 10,000 followers or eve lesser. Meanwhile some of their counterparts in African with followers of more than 20,0000 has not been verified. Hence, Diskox will provide a level playing ground for all users irrespective of their country and race.

Features of Diskox

The team of the Silicon African technologies are seriously and relentlessly working round the clock to ensure that nothing less than excellence is released at the end of the development lifecycle. Hence, these are some of the features of Diskox;

#1. It has a direct messaging serve: The very first feature of Diskox is that it has a direct messaging feature that allows you chat with your friends. This is a feature possessed by several social media platforms. This feature enhances interaction between users. As available in other platforms, it is also available on Diskox.

Diskox social meida

#2 You can upload background image and beautify your profile: On Diskox, you will be able to upload a background image. This is a rare feature in other social media platforms. What they have is that you can upload profile pictures. But like whatsapp, Diskox will allow users to upload a background image. This will make your choice image to be the background once they are signed into the platform. Additionally, apart from uploading a background image, you can also beautify your profile image. This is possible through the use of filters, smileys and other beautifying tools.

#3 You can upload videos: On Diskox, you can also upload videos. This will help to make it a true social media platforms because ability to view videos on social media platforms make a lot of differences. Video contents are very important to social media users and hence, Diskox will enable it. This feature is also predominant on other social media platforms. Hence Diskox would not be left out.

#4 You can share your contents on Diskox: Diskox will be loved and appreciated by content creators. This is because the interest of the content creators was carried along during the development stage. Hence, as a content creator of whatever sought, you will be able to share your contents to your audience without stress.

#5 You will be discovered by search engines: Seeing that you can share your content on Diskox, the platform will also be discoverable by search engines. This means that search engines will be able to index your contents directly on Diskox. With this, if you are a website owner, this will help you get more visitors to your website and hence, more financial benefits. With this feature, your audience goes beyond those following you on the platform to a global audience searching the internet  with keywords related to your contents.

#6 Those interested in your type of content can see it: For example, if I love contents on fashion and you write contents on the same niche, I will be able to see your contents even without following you. This will increase your visibility on the platform and the global space,. Hence, if you sell any service, you will be able to have more people seeing your services which will in turn increase patronage.

As the design process is still ongoing, expect more awesome an amazing features. As earlier stated, Diskox will deliver nothing less than excellence when launched.

How to Join Diskox

At the moment, seeing that Diskox is still at the development stage and set to be launched in a few days time, you can join the waitlist and once the platform is fully released, you will gain full access. Currently, more than 10,000 are already on the waitlist patiently waiting till the app is officially launched in no distant time. To join the wait list, CLICK HERE


The name “Diskox” was coined from the word discuss, which means to interact. Hence Diskox social media app will be an interactive platform for social media users. It will be the very first African owned social media platform. As such, the expectation of the people is massive. Currently, Diskox has recieved funding from Venture capital firms. Media houses are already writing and publishing about Diskox. This is to prove that the hopes of African in his platform is high.



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