Does AI Tools Provide Wrong Answers to Questions?

This is the question before us today and this content is aim that providing an indepth answer to the question. Does AI tools provide wrong answers?
At the moment AI tool has come to stay and as such is being used for several things like, project writing, content writing, assignments for students, making inquiries about something and so on. Many other things can be achieved using AI tools. In some countries where examination malpractice has become the order of the day, several students use AI tools to assist themselves in their examination.

Amidst all these, the question seeking for answer is this; Does AI tools provide wrong answers to questions?

About AI tools

Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, and the kind of acceptance it garnered within a short time, other companies has introduced their own AI Tool. This is either to retain their market share or have some share in the AI space. For example, Google launched Google Bard and Bing launched Bing AI, Elon Musk launched TruthGPT. This is to retain their share in the search world. The world is seriously moving from search engine to AI Tools. As such, these search giants can’t fold their hands and get knocked out of the market. For this reason, the competition in the AI space is seriously increasing. Another important fact about the AI tools is the fact that they are both desktop and mobile friendly. As such you can access them anyday, anytime. Additionally some of them also have free versions which can be used at no cost.

Does AI tools provide wrong answers to Questions?

I will answer this question by using three illustrations.

My query about myself: I once asked Google Bard about myself. It said there are two people who bear my name. The first was a politician who I only share same surname but not first and middle names. It went ahead to provide some information about the person. The information was actually true about him, but that was not the question asked.  The second information as provided by Bard was my information. I observed the AI crawler went to my Facebook profile and extracted my information. That was how it got to know about me. What does this mean to you mean?  AI means Artificial Intelligence, but then it is not fully intelligent on its own. It depends on contents provided by websites. The major difference between AI tools and search engines is that search engines provides list of link with related contents as output. Whereas, AI tools go ahead to fetch the information from any website or combination of websites based on the algorithm of the tool. This means that if the information was fetched from a website with wrong information, it will end up producing wrong information or answer to questions

My assignment and how AI tool deceived me: The third and final scenario I want to point out was an assignment on the topic, ” traditional education”. I had busy schedules that period and didn’t make out time to research and get accurate information. Ask such, I leveraged AI tool to help me. The tools gave me several answers which for time, I didn’t go through. On the day of the defense and presentation, I found out that some of what it gave me as answer was correct while some were wrong. If you make constant use of AI tools, you’ll agree with these 3 points listed above. This is to prove that AI tools also produces wrong answers.

My query for the date of 2023 Ash Wednesday: When ChatGPT was newly launched, I did a search asking the tool when is good Friday for the year 2023. If gave me a wrong answer. I went ahead to ask Google same question which then gave me the accurate answer. I informed ChatGPT that it gave me an answer different from what Google gave me and I was sure Google was correct. The tool apologized for giving wrong information, stating that it was still new and undergoing several development. As such, this is another point to prove that AI tools does provide wrong answers to questions.

Does AI tools provide wrong answers

What the do we do?

Knowing that AI tools also produces wrong answer what do we do? Ensure you have a prior knowledge of what you are searching for before going ahead. You may not actually know or have full details and information, but then, ensure you have a little know of the concept of topic. Do not just accept all feedbacks from AI tools as correct. You can use search engine to consult some books (ebooks), visit some other professional websites to analyse, research, compare and contrast to know if what was provided by the AI tools relates with what was provided by the search engine. By so doing you’ll understand that AI tools does provide wrong answers to questions.


In conclusion therefore, AI has come to stay and the good part of AI is that it continues undergoing innovation development. For example, when AI was newly launched, AI does not produce images as outputs but some AI tools now produce images at as output. This simply means that innovation and development continues on a daily basis. As such whatever issues, you may encounter on AI tools, be sure that with time, such questions and as such you must be very careful to know when it is wrong and when it is not wrong because AI tools provide wrong answers to questions in some cases.

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