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How to Get Google Adsense Approval in 2023

You’ve created your new website and have made all your permutations on how to start making big money every month end. You’ve already started planning on how to spend and save your income and all of a sudden, there is no single headway for you. This is exactly the story with the blog you are currently reading. It took exactly one year after creation for it to get Google AdSense Approval.

But why that long duration? This is the question this post seeks to answer.

It seems as if getting Google AdSense approval has gotten tougher than it used to be in the past. You hardly see an account that gets approved within its first 3 months which was not so in the past. This has made people resort to other Ad Networks and monetization alternatives. Although there are lots of other monetization strategies for website owners outside Google Adsense, yet Adsense seems to be the king among them all.

By the way, the aim of running a website is to make profit. Blogging becomes terrible when you are not able to convert your effort into monetary gains.

It took me lots of attempts before I got Google Adsense Approval to serve ads on this website. This is because there were lots of things I didn’t understand. As such, I was making countless attempts in ignorance without knowing exactly what Google wanted me to do. Thus, I did serious and thorough research till I understood what Google actually wanted. Having understood and implemented them, I only applied once and it got approved. Most times, after applying, you get an email like the one in the screenshot below. Sadly, Google will not specify the exact thing you need to do to fix the error. Thus, this is what this post will help you with.

Google adsense approval

Therefore, what does Google want from website owners before they can admit them into the Adsense program? This is exactly what this post intends to achieve. I will provide the complete detail of all I did and be sure that when you apply them to your own blog, you will get approved without hesitation. You cannot make a positive result by following the wrong approach. To achieve positive result, you must do the right thing in the right way. This post provides the right way you should follow in order to get Google Adsense Approval for your blog.

Type of Websites That Gets Google AdSense Approval

Before we proceed to the Google Adsense Approval best practices, let us look at the type of websites that can be approved into the AdSense program. There are basically 3 type of websites that are allowed into the Google Adsense program. These are the type of sites that if you create any of them, you can feel free to apply. If you apply and get rejected, it does not mean that your site cannot get approved. Rather there are few thing you are yet to put in place. The sites are listed below;

1. A blog site

Simply put, a blog is a site where new contents are added on a regular basis. There are websites with static pages like company websites etc. These websites only have few pages and nothing is been added to it. They may not be allowed into the AdSense program because they are not blogs. But when you run a blog like the one you are currently reading and new contents are added on a regular basis (may not be daily or even weekly), you stand a chance of getting the Google AdSense Approval at your request. An example of blog that monetizes it audience using AdSense is infoducation. If you want to start a blog, here is a step by step guide on how to do it. Also, if you are contemplating on starting a blog, here are 11 powerful reasons to start up one immediately.

2. A forum site

Aside blogs, you can also get Google AdSense Approval for forums websites. Forums are places where people discuss issues. The difference between forum and blog is that the owner of the blog (and his staff) are fully responsible for the creation, publishing and promotion of contents on the blog. While for forums, third parties are responsible. Also, for forums, instead of creating lengthy contents as in the case of blogs, you can just raise a discussion topic and a brief introduction and then, visitors and members begins to discuss. As such, the main role of the forum admin is to moderate threads and comments in order to avoid spam. A popular example of a forum that generates revenue through adsense is Nairaland.

3. A free online tool site

The third type of website that qualifies for Google Adsense Approval is tool websites. There are lots of websites out there that focuses mainly on relevant tools. These tools are given out for free. If you are to sell them, there is no need monetizing the site with AdSense seeing that it has already been monetized. Google will only approve such sites when the tools are given out for free.

Example of such tool websites is smallseotools. Here, you have tools that will help you in your SEO, backlink, keywords, plagiarism and so on. These types of websites also finds it easy to be admitted into the adsense program. Although, this may not be all together easy, seeing that you have to invest money into creating those tools before you can monetize them. Of all the three types of websites, this is the most capital intensive. But if you can successfully rank for a target keyword for the tools your offer, then you are good to go. You will surely have a high return on investment. This is because when people are creating with your tools, they will be shown ads which they may click.

Basically, these are the 3 types of websites that re admitted into the adsense program. So, if you have any of them, head over to adsense and apply

How to Get AdSense approval: Things you need to do.

As earlier stated, this post is intended to help you get approved by google adsense. Making money is the joy of all you endeavor. It makes you smile while putting in efforts and you will be happy to see your efforts pay off. So, relax and go through this in-depth content to know the best practices to get monetized.

#1 Niche down

The first and most important thing to get approved by adsense is that you must niche down. You must have a focus niche and ensure you don’t go beyond it. Look for one thing and focus on it. You cannot be successful if you attempt to talk about everything. Google algorithm will not find it funny when one site talks about food, education job, insurance and so on. Even if you intend to do a lot with your site, for the sake of adsense approval, start from one and remain on it till you get approved. Here is a list of the best and high paying niches in the blogging space

#2 High quality contents

Do not just pay attention to creating contents. You need high quality contents. This is why at infoducation, we believe that although content is key, yet quality content is king. As such, we don’t publish frequently. We pay attention to quality than quantity. Google pays attention to quality of contents, especially for the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). If your contents will not offer the needed solution to your visitors, Google will not bother indexing it. Even if they eventually do, it will not rank high. As such, here is a master guideline on how to create a quality content. Also, here are 7 topnotch qualities of a good content

#3 At least, 10-15 quality contents

Having talked about quality contents, you must ensure that you have a hand full of them before you apply. Infoducation had about 28 contents before it was successfully approved. As such, do not just rush into applying for adsense once your site gets running. Invest in creating a few quality contents before applying. If your contents are very few, Google will not have enough information to help them approve your application. As such, infoducation also offers writing services. We can help you write quality and high ranking contents for your website

#4 About page

You must have an about page. This is a page Google must have to see on your website before you get approved into the adsense program. This is where you describe your website and what you do, or what you intend to do. You must let google know who you are and what you do. You must also let your audience know you and what you do. This is what the about page helps you achieve. Without this page, do not bother applying for adsense. Your about page may not be too long, but it must be informative enough to help people know what to expect from your website. This is the about page for infoducation to help you with insight on what the about page looks like.

#5 Contact page

Apart from the about page, you must also have a contact page. Google wants to enhance interaction between you and your visitors. For this to happen, there must be a communication channel through which you can be contacted. This could contain your office address, phone number, email address and social media handles. With this, your visitors will be able to contact you when the need arises. This is the contact page for infoducation to help you with insight on what the contact page looks like

#6 Disclaimer

The disclaimer page is as important as the contact and about page. On this page, you will provide the dos and don’ts of your website. This page will tell your visitors how transparent your website is. This is the disclaimer page for infoducation to help you with insight on what the disclaimer page looks like.

#7 Privacy policy

Here, you will provide the policies guiding your website. As much as the disclaimer page help visitors to know how transparent your website is, the privacy policy does that more. Creating a privacy policy page may be very complex and difficult. As such, there are tools that can help you create it. It will be more advisable to use any of those tools than to do it yourself. Why? I created a privacy policy myself and it was not as detailed and informative as google deems fit. Upon creating with this tool and updating it on my blog, my site got approved by google. This is the privacy policy page for infoducation to help you with insight on what the privacy policy page looks like.

#8 Make sure your contents are not on the restricted list

The next thing to take note of before applying for google adsense is to ensure that your contents are not in the restricted lists. There are lots of contents that google restricts. As such, you cannot get approved with any of those contents. Some of those contents on google’s restricted lists includes; Sexual (pornography), online gambling, sale of alcohol (not alcohol itself), shocking, explosives, guns, tobacco, recreational drugs, prescription drugs, unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements and lots more. With a website that focuses on any of these contents, you need an alternative monetization strategy because google will not approve you. Here are other alternatives to help monetize your blog.

#9 Do not use copyright images

Ordinarily, I go to google and search for an image that relates to the content to publish. But unfortunately, this goes against google’s policy. As such, I did not get approved. I removed all the images on my site and created new ones. This is because those images are copyrighted and shouldn’t be used without permission and approval. By the way, who cares about such approvals? Google cares.

So, instead of getting images from google, you can head over to Pixabay where the images do not have copyright. This is exactly where I get my images currently. I download from pixabay and edit with canva then publish. If you go through this website, you will find out that majority of the images used has inscribed on it. This is because the images are edited to avoid violation.  

#10 Website age matters sometimes

Although this is not always applicable, but in some situations, the age of a website matters. This is to check spams and Ponzi websites that are aimed at defrauding people. So, you will really need to prove to google that you are not spam or Ponzi scheme. This can only be done by been consistent over a period of time. This clause is applicable for those in China and India. Therefore the age of a website in these two countries are important and necessary for you to get approved by google.

#11 Make sure your website is not banned

If you built the website from scratch, this is not going to be relevant. But if you bought the already built and constructed website, then you must check to be sure that the website has not been banned by google. You can do that here

#12 Website must be decent with easy navigation

The decency and ease in navigating through your website is another factor to be considered. Google does not like websites that are disorganized and complex. To get approved in Google, you must keep it simple and easy. When your website is not easy to navigate on, it leads to decision fatigue which hampers your website negatively. As such, work on your website and make sure it is simple and decent. You can do this by using a very simple theme like Astra. Let your customization also be decent and your navigation easy.

#13 Make sure you are not subscribed to other monetization platforms

Google will never approve you if you have other monetization on your website. If you are already subscribed to other ad channels or you have affiliate links, you cannot scale through. To get approved, you just have to remove all other ad channels (networks) and affiliate links before you get approved. Remember that the aim is to monetize your platform. If it is already monetized, google will not approve you again because it will appear as double monetization. What you will need to do is to remove all the ads, if you get approved you can return them. This is how most websites that runs adsense also have affiliate links. But you must be approved by adsense first before you bring your affiliate links.

#14 Make sure you have submitted your site to Google and that it is been indexed

After successfully creating your website, you must verify the ownership of the site. This can be done by submitting it to search engines through any of the stipulated methods you choose. Submitting the website will then enable search engines to index it. Submitting your site to search engine will help them confirm that you are the owner of the website. If you do not use Google Site kit plugin on your website, then you will have to manually copy and paste the adsense code on your website. This will not be possible if you do not have access to the dashboard of the site. This is why verifying your website is very important. If your site has not been indexed by google, it simply means that Google has not recognized your site. A site that has not been recognized cannot be approved for adsense. So you must first submit your site for indexing before you apply for adsense.

#15 Do not use AI content generators

Google wants you to be original. Your visitors also wants you to be original. Even if you can’t guarantee 100% originality, ensure you have at least 75% originality. As such, google detest AI content generators. On this, you can’t outsmart google. There are lots of AI tools that helps you generate contents based on keywords and topics. Blog owners will see this as an easy way of getting contents as quick as possible, but the drawback is that you will never scale through google adsense screening. The algorithms are smarter than you. They know how those tools work and contents that are generated by the tools. As such, ensure you write all your contents yourself or you get a freelancer writer to help you do that. Here are websites where you can turn to for your writing services. But make sure you do not use AI content generators. After you’ve gotten the approval, you make continue with them but not before you get the approval.

#16 Ensure you make no changes once the site has been submitted for reviews

Once you’ve submitted your site for review, ensure you quit making changes. Make sure you do not change the theme and delete some pages. These will affect google’s review of your site. Any change you want to make, ensure you do it before the application. For example, if you paste the adsense code on the header of your theme and then change the theme, the code is automatically delete. Thus, google will not have any code to execute the review. Do not also redesign your website when you’ve submitted it for review.

#17 Do not use only PLR articles

PLR means Private Label Rights. These are websites where you can buy contents and reuse them. As such, you cannot boast of been the author of such contents. Although PLR contents are not completely written off, yet limit the use of it. Ensure that they do not account for the majority of your contents. Else, you will not get the needed approval.

#18 Get Privacy Ready

I may not know if this is 100% effective, but I applied it and it yielded result. Google advice publishers to ensure that they comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA before they can start showing ads to their users. As such, ensure you comply to that. Once complied, cookies will be displayed to your users on their first visit and it is most advisable for them to accept it. For infoducation, we use the CookieYes/ GDPR cookie consent & Compliance Notice by webtoffee

Google Adsense Approval – The Bottom Line

If you have applied for adsense before and was not approved, having gone through this content, you can effect changes and reapply. Because, at this point, I am sure you’ve discovered where you got it wrong in the past. This is time to right all your wrongs. Though getting Google Adsense approval is no longer honeymoon like it used to be in the past, yet ensure you do not quit trying. Google wants to make money and if doing it through your site is the way forward, they will not hesitate. But then, you must ensure that you adhere to all their policies before you will qualify for admission into the program.

Google adsense is the best monetization strategy for blog owners. More than 30% of all blogs show Ads from Google. This is why it appears as if Google is becoming extremely strict by the day. All you owe them is to adhere to their policies and you will get approved.

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