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Google Bard AI Chatbot and it’s Amazing: An in-depth Review

With the introduction of the ChatGPT AI chatbot, many tech companies risk been push out of the market. This is particular with search engine companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. With this in mind, many of the big IT Corporation in order to remain and retain their relevance has also launched their Chatbot. This is because with time, the demand for search engine services will be replaced with the demand for Chatbots.

Elon Musk has earlier announced the release of his AI chatbot named TruthGPT with its own awesome features. Additionally, there are several other alternatives of ChatGPT which you can also try out.

With this in mind, since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, Bing and Google also announced the launch of their own AI chatbot. Google announced that it will release its AI chatbot known as Google Bard in March 2023. As such, the Google Bard AI chatbot has been launched for use. Although, it is not 100% free from errors, it is undergoing serious technological and innovative advancements in order to ensure that it gives users exactly what they want.

What is Google Bard AI Chatbot?

Google Bard AI Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligent Chatbot developed by Google. It was developed based on the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) family of large language model. Its aim is to directly compete with the ChatGPT and other AI chatbots. As stated above, following the announcement of its release by Google CEO (Sundar Pichar) in January, the tool was launched in March 2023.

At the point of release, Google Bard AI Chatbot was tested by 10,000 professionals in order to ascertain its level of accuracy. The chatbot tool is described as a collaborative AI service instead of just a search engine. Google will eventually integrate Bard into its search engine. Although the process of integrating it into ChromeOS is on course.

Google Bard became opened for users in US and UK on March 21, 2023. This release gave the users in the said area the ability to join the waitlist upon signing in, since the capacity of Bard was limited. Google stated that Bard is “still an early experiment,” saying the chatbot “may sometimes provide inaccurate, misleading or false information while presenting it confidently.” It is because of these incorrect information provided by Bard and other chatbots that Elon Musk chose to name his chatbot TruthGPT. From his projection, this tool will be completely free from misleading information.

The chatbot was released as standalone web application and provides the disclaimer that reads, “may display inaccurate or offensive information that doesn’t represent Google’s views”. This made Google Bard more outstanding than the ChatGPT and Bing AI tool, which also provide inaccurate and offensive errors without any disclaimer or apology attached to it.

The main difference between Bard and ChatGPT, is that Bard will be connected to the web, allowing it to give you what Google claims (opens in new tab) are “fresh, high-quality responses”.

Features of Google Bard AI Chatbot

Google Bard AI Chatbot has several features that will make it stand out tall among other competitors. Although, as an Artificial Intelligent tool, more innovations are introduced frequently. But then, at the time of writing this content, below are the features of Google Bard AI Chatbot;

#1 Ability to Code

Google Bard AI Chatbot will be able to write programming codes for users. With this, you will not need to be a professional programmer to be able to code. This tool will make the task very easy for you. Apart from coding, it will also help you to debug and interpret codes. In addition to generating code, Bard can help explain code snippets for you. This is particularly helpful if you’re learning about programming for the first time, or if you need some additional support to understand what a block of code might output.

If Bard gives you an error message or code that doesn’t do what you intended, just tell Bard “this code didn’t work, please fix it,” and Bard can help you debug. What this means is that when there is an error in your code, this tool will be able to detect the line of code that has the error and also correct it. This feature works with more than 20 programming languages. Some of the programming languages supported by Bard are; C++, Java, JavaScript and Python.

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#2 Integration with other third party tools

Google Bard can also be integrated with other third party tools like search engines and web browsers. The process of integrating this tool into Google search engine and Chrome OS is underway and in no distant time, it will become obtainable. This will make the Bard AI tool a superb one. Once it is integrated into Google search, it will be available for use in every country where Google search services are available. This will be a strong advantage over ChatGPT which has been banned in many countries. 

#3 Helps you with your writing task

Bard can help you with your everyday writing tasks. Some of the tasks include; crafting presentations, writing lesson plans, inventing new recipes, planning a workout routine etc. You can edit prompts on Bard using the pencil icon that appears on the Bard environment.

#4 Bard provides multiple answers to questions

In addition to these features, Bard can also provide more than one responses to a question. Just the way Google provides more than one answers to a question, Bard also does the same thing. You can see variations on Bard’s answers by clicking on the “View other drafts” drop-down menu. This means that Bard generates multiple answers to question. This is because it works with the Google framework architecture and as such behaves like the Google search Engine.

#5 Bard can have a conversation with itself

This is a feature that makes Bard stand out from other chatbots. This Chatbot can have conversation with itself and still provide responses based on the conversation.

#6 Get Help With Spreadsheets

Google Bard is very proficient when it comes to spreadsheet formulas. All you need to do is to describe what you’re trying to do on the spreadsheet and it will tell you exactly how to get that result. You might find that it gives you more than one way to do something.

#7 It links to Google Search Engine

When you’re not satisfied with the answers, you can click “Google it” and go to Google Search for more insight. This feature recently got a boost in Bard’s first “Experiment updates” so that you get an increased number of Search options based on your prompt if you want to explore further.

#8 Read more comfortably in Dim light

Bard has introduced a feature that will enable you work on the environment in Dim light. Most tools are programmed to work with bright light and only few pays attention to Dim light. Bard is among the few tools that took cognizance of this and as such has introduced this feature to its tool. Bard will adapt to Dark theme if you choose it for your OS. setting or you can turn it on directly in Bard from the menu.

#9 Bard is available in many countries

As opposed to ChatGPT which has been banned by several countries, Bard is currently available in about 180 countries. Its also available in English, Korean, Japanese and other languages. This will indeed give Bard a very strong edge over most of its rivals and competitors. Additionally, the advantage that will help Bard soar high is in the fact that Google search engine is Number One in the globe. As such, a single integration of Bard into Google search is all that is needed. As it is for Google search, so it is for Android, which is the most widely used Operating System for mobiles. Knowing that Android is owned by Google. a simple integration of Bard into Android will also be another plus.

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History of Google Bard AI Chatbot

The Google bard history dates back to November 2022 with the launch of ChatGPT. Over time, ChatGPT and other AI Chatbots may replace search engines. This is the single and simple inspiration behind the development of Google Bard AI. But before now, Google has been working on the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) for over two years. The LaMDA is an AI framework upon which the AI services of Google will be built upon. According to a Twitter post made by Jack Krawczyk (a Google staff), he explained that LaMDA works with 137 billion language parameters, dwarfed by PaLM’s 540 billion.

Is Google Bard AI Chatbot services Free

Majority of the Google services are free. This is why ads are been served on many of those platforms. The ads been served on these Google platforms becomes the major sources of revenue for such services. But for Google Bard, there has been no definite announcement as to whether the service will be free or paid. But whatever may the final decision in the end, for now, Google Bard services will be free.

How compatible will Google Bard AI Chatbot be with other service?

Google Bard AI Chatbot will be integrated into the ChromeOS for more usability. This will make users of ChromeOS able to access and use Bard on their devices. Once your system runs on ChromeOS, you will be privileged to use this service.

Additionally, after been launched on the ChromeOS, bard will also be available for Android users. This is because Google also owns Android and as such, will integrate it into the Android OS so that mobile users can also be able to access this tool. Once this service is made available for Android users, it will therefore stand the chance to favorably compete with ChatGPT, seeing that Android is the most widely used operating System for mobile users.

You can now export to Google Doc and Gmail: Google Bard has introduced a new feature which enables you to export your conversations to Docs and even Gmail. This will help you to keep track of all your conversation and not loose any.

Google has also announced that Bard AI will be integrated in Google Maps. Also, Google Bard has been integrated into the Google Search Engine. As such, you can head over to Bard platform directly from Google search homepage. This can be confirmed from the screenshot below

Google bard ai

What are the limitations of Bard?

Google bard AI Chatbot is not devoid of some errors and limitations like other chatbots. As such, Bard has its own limitations too. Some of them include;

#1 Bard is still an early experiment and “may sometimes provide inaccurate, misleading or false information while presenting it confidently.” Although, these errors will be corrected with the integration of its much larger PaLM model into Bard.  

#2 Google Bard is strictly text-based, unlike ChatGPT when powered by GPT-4 or the new Bing chatbot’s Bing Image Generator, and can only handle U.S. English language inputs and outputs at this time. 

#3 Another limitation of Google Bard is that it does not fully provide sources for the information it pulls. At some point, it may provide citations without proper links. This is in contrast with the new Bing chatbot powered by GPT-4, which still gets things wrong but at least gives you the links from which it’s (theoretically sourcing information).

#4 Google Bard also plagiarizes contents from other sources. Although, this is a general issue with chatbots. As such, users using chatbot AI to do research. Intellectual property theft is a very serious criminal offense.

google bard chatbot

How to Use Google Bard AI Chatbot

In order to use Bard, the processes involved is similar to the processes involved in using other Google tools and services. The first thing to do is to sign up at To do this, all you need is just a Gmail account. You do not need to fill long forms. Once you have your gmail account, you are good to go. If the account is logged into the device you are using to access Bard, then you will not need to retype the email. Just choose sign in with Google.

Once this is done, you will be required to join the waitlist. This happens because the number of people trying the access the service is much while its capacity is limited. As such, you will have to join the waitlist until there is space for you to be allowed in. Once there is space, you will be notified via your email address.

NOTE: You cannot sign up with a work email tied to Google Workspace. You need to use a personal Gmail account. be painless.

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Expect More

In the journey of AI chatbot with emphasis on Google Bard AI, it is important to tell you to expect more. Google is an extremely innovative company that bring up new features into its tools and services daily. Seeing the extent of competition in the Chatbot market, it is important to let you know that Google is in for a serious ride on this aspect. Therefore, expect more of its innovative development in the coming weeks and months.


Artificial Intelligence is fast disrupting the entire system and as such, there will be a massive paradigm shift in the coming years. The way we do things will change entirely. AI tools will take over shortly. This is why Google developed the Bard tool so as to remain relevant in the years ahead. This post has listed lots of feature of the Google Bard AI tool and you will surely love it. For more information about this chatbot, CLICK HERE

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