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14 Most Profitable and Best High Income Skills to learn in 2023

The 21st century is loaded with a strong battle for survival. Things have changed compared to the past decade and century. Relevance has become a function of determination and dedication to the little things you find yourself doing. In this article, I will be sharing 14 powerful, profitable and best High Income skills that can make your independent financially.

Looking at the economy of most nations, employment has become a tug of war game where it appears very hard to secure a well-paid job. But then, there are jobs everywhere for those who will equip themselves with relevant skills, especially the ones listed here. The internet has become the new oil well of most nations and organizations.

Here are the skills for you to leverage on. Listed below are the best high income skills that can earn you as high as $5,000 monthly. That’s a good pay and as such, peaching your tent here will make sense.

1. Digital marketing

The top of the list of the best high income skills is Digital Marketing. We are in the time where social media has become a very powerful tool for business growth. Yet, not everyone knows how to leverage social media. Many organizations and multinational companies spend huge amount yearly in order to maintain good digital profile and image. Yet, several of these companies and organization do not have a good digital marketing personnel. Developing a digital marketing skill puts you on the positive ride. Several digital marketers make it big with their top notch service delivery. An example of such is mundus.ng.

Today, no business grows without digital presence. As a matter of fact, the more powerful presence your brand has online, the more your chances of getting more clients. Several business has no physical offices, yet they turn in thousands of dollars monthly by promoting their products through social media and other platforms. Running adverts on social media is good, but running targeted ads is better. I have prepared a content that will help your run adverts professionally.

Many people waste huge amount of money on promotion without knowing the secrets behind it. This is why every business that must be successful needs a digital marketer. When you leverage digital marketing, you spend less and achieve more. This is where the skill of a digital marketer is very important. Think of this skill and see yourself walk into your financial freedom.

2. Blogging

Blogging has turned several people to millionaires within few years. There are millions of blogs on the internet yet, less than 40% of them has become fruitful over a period of 5 years. People think that blogging is all about buying a domain name, getting a hosting plan and publishing contents on it. Blogging is far beyond that. There is more to blogging than what several people think of it. This is why blogging has become a skill you must learn with keen dedication and attention.

Blogging is an endeavor that has the ability of paying you in 6 – 7 figures monthly. There are various ways of making money in blogging, like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, direct advertising, sponsored posts etc. Bloggers have become top influencers in the globe today. Every one of us visits several blogs weekly. It may have not occurred to you that the platform or website you just visited is making someone financially free. As such you may have not thought in that direction of starting up your own blog.

Blogging accommodates everyone irrespective of what you do. We have blogs that talk of cats, dogs, food, health, education, jobs, scholarships etc. I have put together an article that would help you choose a niche you can delve into. Blogging can also be for you if you develop the relevant skills. If you have a blog with little to no traffic, here is a guide on how to grow your blog

3. Graphic design

I intentionally added graphic design to this list of high income skills because I have seen how much it generates for my friend. The act of graphic design is the act of been creative. If you are creative enough, then you could leverage graphic design to turn your skills to money.

Graphics is part of our day to day life. You visit websites to read contents and you come across images that are not screenshots. You come across adverts on Facebook and other social media platforms. Your attention is drawn to a particular program and fliers of an event you see. You see obituary posters, shows, events and other stuffs. All these are products of graphic designers. So you will agree with me that graphic design is part of our day to day life.

To be a good graphic designer, you must familiarize yourself with software like corel draw, Photoshop etc. Canva is an online app which you can use to design stuffs. Learning graphic design is an investment in the right direction as it has the ability of taking you to your financial destination. If you are a novice and looking mentorship or training in graphic design, CLICK HERE or HERE

4. Copy writing

Copywriting is listed among the best high income skills you should learn because organizations are seriously looking for professional copywriters. Copywriting is the act of developing contents that are aimed at promoting a product. For example, apple recently released iPhone 13. It is the work of copy writers to introduce the product to the market. They talk about the features, how it defers from iPhone 12, and the reasons to buy it and so on.

Copywriting is more advanced than ordinary content development. In copy writing, you write an in-depth article explaining the product you are writing about. As such, copy writing is not about been able to write 500 – 1000 words per article. A good copy writer should be able to write long contents of up to 5000 words. In copy writing, ensure you answer every question that would be asked. There should be no unclear information provided. Ensure you are detailed enough.

5. Search Engine Optimization Skill

SEO skill is one of the most sort after and best high income skills in recent time. In fact SEO is supposed to be the first of all these listed skills. SEO means search engine Optimization. SEO is what helps blogs and websites rank on search engines.

For example, if you search for a keyword on Google, you will find out that there are hundreds of thousands of search results found. Yet, only ten will appear on the first page. SEO is what makes your website appear on Google first page. With this explanation, you will find out that SEO is relevant to every blogger. No blogger can do without SEO. Yet, no every blogger is an SEO expert. Thus, you can develop an SEO skills and help new businesses to rank on search engines.

SEO is not only for bloggers. Ecommerce platforms and forums need SEO a big deal. As a result of that, the work of an SEO analyst and expert are readily available and waiting. Every business that runs on the internet can never be fruitful and successful without Search Engine Optimization.

If you leverage on on social media for sales, you may not be able to get long lasting customers. But if your business is able to rank on search engines, then a bulk of your marketing has been done already. Blogs like Infoducation, Neilpatel and Backlinko are fully dedicated to helping you rank better. These sites rake in thousands of dollars in revenue just by helping people rank better on search engines. Therefore, if you have SEO skill, you are highly marketable.

6. Content developer

Content development or freelance writing is among the high income skills to develop. It is about the most popular in this list of best high income skills. It may surprise you to know that several bloggers do not have time to develop contents by themselves. They leverage on the services of freelance writers and content developers to build contents for their blogs. There is hardly any website/blog that does not outsource content writing to content writers. This is to say that the work of a content writer cannot be underestimated.

If you are a content writer, join various groups on Facebook and promote yourself. Better still, there are platforms like writersgig, upwork, freelance, fiverr etc. You can leverage on any of these to get jobs and deals. Many websites are looking for quality content writers to hire. Some people charge about $10 per 500 words, some charge lesser while others charge higher. The most important thing is that you are good at what you do.

7. Android app developer

Android application development is another angle to look into. It has become the most used operating system for mobile devices. Every android device has various applications which are developed by people like you and I. Developing an android application is a very big project depending on the nature and functionality of the application.

Most websites now have their applications. This turns in revenue for the developers of such applications. Companies are looking for android developers to hire their services. The good part of this job is the majority of them are work from home jobs such that you do not need to go to office daily.

There are still other applications that are not necessarily company owned. Meaning that you can conceive and idea and develop and application for it. If it is what people wants, then be sure to have good downloads and usage. Android application developers make money by carrying out projects for companies. If you build your own application, then you can leverage on Google Admob for revenue. Admob is a mobile version of AdSense. This help android application owners run adverts on their apps.

8. Programming

The world is fast evolving. Soon, most of the things done by human beings will be taken over by robot. Already the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) technology has displaced thousands of people in the banking industry. Robots serve as attendants in several hotels in developed countries. This is possible because of programmers who take time out to build software that manipulates these Robots. Programming skill is a highly demanded and sought after skill round the world today. Programmers do not stay unemployed at all.

Companies today are looking for programmers who will handle the technological activities. Many companies do not want to continue using custom built software, instead they want to build their own so that they could manipulate it as much as they want. This is why the search for programmers are on the increase.

There are very many programming languages to learn in order to stay relevant in this digital age. They include C, C++, Python, Java, etc. Develop a skill in any of these programming languages and smile to the bank frequently. Several programmers earn as high as $20 per line of code. If you do your analysis and comparison, you will be able to tell how many lines of code is needed for a particular program to be built from scratch. As such, you will also know how much this will convert for the programmer.

9. Web developer

Website development makes the list of one of the best and most profitable high income skills to learn because every organization wants to have a website. Every business owner wants to have a website. Individuals want to have their own personal websites. As such, the need for website developers has interestingly increased such that you cannot be out of job as a website developer as long as you promote and market your skills. You could develop simple websites for as low as $100 and complex websites runs into millions of dollars to develop. The rate for developing a simple website may appear to be small, but when the money is converted to your local country currency, it becomes appreciable. Yet, you could land more than two of those website development jobs every month.

10. Database

The need for database professionals is on the increase daily as organizations looks for experts to handle their database. The database of an organization is the life wire of the organization, such that they cannot afford to be careless about it. As such, developing a career around database management will go a long way in helping you attain financial stability.

11. WordPress Plugin development

Today, thousands or even millions of people host their websites on WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that helps you create a website with ease. To have a website on WordPress, you may not be able to write the simplest HTML code. Yet you can have an awesome website on WordPress. To enhance and speed up website functionalities, WordPress makes use of several plugins and themes. These plugins are designed using the PHP language. As much as WordPress blogs pays people massively, yet developing plugins for WordPress blogs may pay you more.

Lets do a simple mathematics here. Suppose you develop a plugin that has about 20,000 downloads in 2 years. If 70% of the users are on free version while 30% are on paid version, it means that about 6000 people pay for your plugin. Assuming that the plugin goes for $30 yearly, it means that every year you earn about $180,000. That’s a whole lot of money. Meanwhile the major work to be done after the release of the plugin is to continue to release updates to make the plugin more secured. There is a whole lot of money in having your own plugin. All you need to do is to study the WordPress environment carefully to discover a problem. Then build a plugin that solves that problem. As I have talked about plugin, same goes for WordPress themes.

It may surprise you to know that majority of the websites you visit including big brands like Forbes.com are build on WordPress CMS. On the minimum, a website hosted on WordPress uses about 8 different plugins to enhance its functionality. This means that there is a high market for WordPress plugin developers.

12. Data Analysis

Data analysis is the practice of examining, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data sets in order to discover some useful information, draw conclusions, and make good decisions, often with the help of specialized software. It is effectively used to discover new opportunities, reveal big business relationships, and improve one’s business performance. Every organization needs the services of data analyst to boost their business. It will help them predict the future nature of their business and in turn know steps and actions to take.

Also, when a company want to launch in a new location, data analysts are needed to analyze several data and come up with some finding that will help the company strengthen their actions. Also, when a company want to acquire another company, it is not a decision that is carelessly taken and then in years to come you regret. More examples could be sighted of how and why industries need the services of data analyst. If you have such skill, you have a competitive advantage in the job market. Among the high income skills listed here, data analysis could pay more than others if you sign a good deal with a high profile organization

13. Video Editing (Videography)

As technology becomes more sophisticated by the day, the need for video editors are on the increase. Several adverts are done using videos as a means of communicating the ideas. You will find this often on YouTube and other television stations. Getting these short video clips demands the services of professionals because these videos will appear before thousands of people and as such, a poorly presented video will make prospective clients to lose interest in your service. Apart from the adverts we see online, the need for movie industries to continue acting movies are their day to day activities such that your job as a videographer will always be demanded. Apart from videography been one of the best information technology skills to learn, it is highly lucrative and relevant in the 21st century.


Photography has evolved from nothing to a very big career. No wonder several people have chosen photography as their occupation. If you are lucky to become a celebrity photographer, you are made for life. Imagine how much the personal photographer of Joe Biden will earn monthly. Rome was actually not built in a day, but with time, effort and consistency, it was finished. In like manner, if you choose to become a photographer today and put in much efforts into it, in the next 20 years you will not regret the decision you made. Seeing that in recent time, the need for pictures has become a daily affair, from weddings to birthdays, to various other ceremonies. You cannot do without photography. Instagram is a clear proof of how photography has evolved and you can make a living from it.


From my assessment, these are the best high income skills you should try to learn. I have taken time to research and come up with my finding in the above listed skill sets. The good part in the skills I listed above is that most of them are work-from-home jobs that though they will take much of your time, your comfort is assured. Also, you can combine more than one of these skills and rake in much money. As we approach a new year, think on any of these skills and you will appreciate your decision.

If you build a career in any of thees skills, you can look for jobs on platforms like writersgig, upwork, freelance, fiverr etc. It will be a good start for you. More importantly is that fact that several of these platforms pay in dollars (not your local country currency), such that when you convert it to your country’s currency, you will surely smile in the end.

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