How to Add a User to Your Youtube Channel

In this post, i will show you the step by step process on how to add a user to your Youtube Channel. It is important to note that there maybe several reasons for which you would want to add a new user to your Channel. Some of the reasons include but not limited to the following;

  1. Your Channel has started Growing: Every successful person wants growth at all cost. As such, growth could be a major factor why you may want to add another user to your account. Maybe at the point of creating the channel, you thought you could single handedly manage all the activities of the channel. But when the reality of growth dawns on you, it becomes very clear that the channel has grown beyond what only can handle. You would now see the need to employ the services of others. This is the first reason why you may want to add another user to your channel
  2. You are now busy: In life, the more we go higher, the more responsibiities comes our way. With much responsibilities, we tend to be more busy than we were when we started the channel newly. Hence, there come the need to increase the number of users who handles task on our behalf.

Having seen the two reasons above, it is important also to state that there are basically three types of users you can add on your channel. They include, Owner, Manager and Communication Manager.

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Here are the steps to take in order to add a user to your channel.

  1. Ensure the person is subscribed to your Channel: You cannot add someone who has not subscribed to your channel to become a user.YouTube does not permit that.

  1. Login to your Channel: The next thing to do is to log into your channel.This is where all the operations and activities will be done from. For this lesson i will use my organization’s YouTube channel for the experiment. When you have successfully logged in, the youTube’s homepage will be displayed with several videos. On the left side of the page, Click on Your Channel Icon

3. Click on YouTube Studio: The next thing is to click on YouTube Studio on the bottom left of the page. The YouTube Studio comes under the category of More from YouTube

youtube Studio

4. Click on Setting: The next thing to do is to Click on the Setting icon on your Channel. This will help you carryout lots of settings and activities aside just adding a user to your channel


.5. Select Permission: Having Clicked on the Setting icon, a pop up page will come up which contains various subheads. From all the subheads, just choose Permission.


6. Click on Manage Permission: In this section, you will see to options. The first is manage permission while the second is move permission.The move permission will help you get more roles to choose from including Manager, Editor, Editor (limited), Viewer and Viewer (limited), which will help you build a great team to help you manage your channel.


7. Stilll Choose Manage Permissions: We are getting close to our aim. In the above step, you clicked on Manage Permissions. In this step, also click on Manage Permissions which will take you to the last stage

8. Login again: In the next stage, Google will want you to login again in order to ensure your operations are authentic. Bear in mind that YouTube is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc, which is the parent company that owns Google. So go ahead and login

9. After successfully logging into your account again, the next option will be to add the user. Do not forget that whoever you want to add as a user must first be subscribed to your channel. This was the first point made here. To add the person, it is most preferable that you do that with the person’s email address. Just type in the email address of the person and if the person has already subscribed, YouTube will Synced the email for you


10. Select Role: The next thing is to select the role the person is expected to function as. By default, there are basically 3 roles you can choose from which are, Owner, Manager and Communication Manager.

Youtube roles

Once this is done, the new user will be sent an invite link through the email address you used. As such, you are expected to inform the person so that he will accept the invitation. With this, you have successfully added a new user to your YouTube Channel.

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