How To Delete Payoneer Account

In this post, I want to show you how to delete Payoneer account. There are actually several reasons why you may choose to delete any of your accounts. I listed some of them in this post. But then, feeling unsatisfied with the quality of service delivered to you may be one of such reasons. Also, as technology evolves daily, you may want to switch over to a competitor who does better. There are many more reasons for this decision.

As such, whatsoever may be your reason for your action, this post is a step by step guide on how to delete payoneer account.

What is Payoneer

Payoneer is a fintech company that offers financial services across various locations. It is a platform through which you can send and receive money for business transactions using a B2B architecture. Also, it is a financial service company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services. As such, it works with an e-wallet, a virtual bank account number or prepaid MasterCard. The money received can then be withdrawn to a local bank account or also used online with your Payoneer debit card.

The technology of Payoneer is similar to that of PayPal, Flutterwave, Swift etc. All these platforms are intended to make online transactions easier and safer. As a progressive and innovative financial institution, Payoneer is used by companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Google, Upwork, Rakuten, Walmart, Fiverr, Envato etc.

Payoneer services are currently available in about 200 countries and works for more than 150 local currencies. Payoneer has physical offices in about 35 different locations with more than 2,000 employees. It is also available in about 70 languages.

It offers convenient payment service for freelancers who work remotely and sellers on various ecommerce platforms. The Payoneer platform allows users to add up to three bank account to the standard Payoneer account. It does not charge any fees to keep your account open if there are no funds. This means that if you want to still keep your account open without any fund in it in case you may need it again in the future, you will not charged for it.


There are several types of Payoneer accounts that are available for users. These accounts offer different services, depending on the kind of transaction to be performed. As such, if you perform any of these transactions, you are eligible to create a payoneer account. Here are the types of Payoneer accounts;

1. Freelancer or SMB

This is the type of account for Freelancers, agency and service providers. Seeing that Payoneer is used by freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, this is the kind of account that supports such services. In operating this type of account, you can withdraw funds at ATMs, using your Payoneer Debit card.

2. Online seller

This is the kind of account for ecommerce service providers like Lazada and Amazon. As such to receive payment via any of these ecommerce platforms, you need to create an Online seller account. These ecommerce stores sends out massive payments to people using the payoneer platform. Using this service, you can withdraw your earnings to your local bank account.

3. Affiliate marketer

This is the account for affiliate marketers. To receive your commission for your affiliate proceeds, you need to create an Affiliate Marketer account. Also, seeing that Payoneer has an affiliate program with which they promote their services, this is the best account to create in order to receive payments.

4. Vacation Rental Host

To pay for vacation and rentals using Payoneer, this is the type of account to create. As such, this is the type of account needed for hotel reservations and airline booking.

5. Individual

This is an individual account that has not been fully rolled out. Shortly, their services will be defined.

It is important to also state that payoneer does not support personal transactions. This means that sending and receiving money between family and friends is not allowed on Payoneer. As such, you will not get approved. Services like western Union, Sendwave, UnionPay, worldremit would help you out for this purpose, not Payoneer. Also, if all you are interested in is to get a prepaid card, unfortunately, won’t be approved to use this service.


How To Delete Payoneer Account.

We have come to the real part of this subject matter. It is important to throw a brief introduction about Payoneer before we talk about how to delete payoneer account. Seeing that Payoneer is a fintech company that provides financial transaction services across the globe, it is also important to know that there other service providers that do same. As such, you may get to a point where you are no longer comfortable with the service and you decide to opt out of it.

There charges may be too high for you that quitting for other alternative platforms like revolut may be the way forward. Also, it is possible that you wrongly created an account with them and as such, the account is no longer needed, deleting it may be the last resort. But then, before you delete the account, ensure that you may not need it again.

If you already have a Payoneer account and seek to know how to delete Payoneer account, you have just landed at the right place. Here are proven steps on how to delete your Payoneer account, but before then, take note of these 3 points

i. You will lose all your unwithdrawn and unused funds.

ii. You will not be able to move your old funds to a new account once you have deleted it.

iii. You will not be able to use the same email address to open another account in years to come

Having taken note of these 3 points, lets proceed

Step 1: Log in to your Payoneer account

Step 2: Enter your two-step verification code if you have one set up.

Step 3: Exhaust all your remaining funds or move them to your bank account. You will lose every remaining funds in your account if you do not move them out or exhaust them. To do that, Click Here to be redirected

Step 4: Click on the “Contact Us” button below the dashboard

Step 5: Then click “Send Message” which takes you to the message box.

Step 6: Choose your preferred language. 

Step 7: Click “Account Set Up” 

Step 8: Select “Request to Cancel”

Step 9: Under “request to cancel” select “I wish to cancel my account”

Step 10: Review the warnings on the account closure page.

Step 11: In this step, you will fill the comment box and provide the following details;

  • Your full name
  • Contact address
  • Your date of birth
  • The last 4 digits of the card number
  • ID number used for registration (National ID, passport, driver’s license, or military ID). Note: US residents must reply with the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.
  • The reason for deleting your Payoneer Prepaid Card

Step 12: Click the submit button.

At this point, a confirmation email will be sent to you. From the email sent, confirm that you want your Payoneer account deleted. You can do this by clicking on the “Yes I want to cancel my account” link on the mail.

Your request will be reviewed and you will get a feedback between 3-5 working days. In some cases (not always though), the customer service team may reach out to speak to you before finally deleting the account.

Although this may take anywhere between 3-5 days

Another way to is to head to the help desk directly for closing the account and selecting Contact Us from the screen. This will send you to the customer care form to complete and submit.

Keep track of your emails and communication from Payoneer to finish the account closure.

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