How To Get More Views On Youtube

How To Get More Views On Youtube – 20 Proven Techniques

Are you a YouTuber and want to get more views on your Youtube? You just landed on the right content that will teach you how to get more views on Youtube. Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. It is the largest search engine for Video contents. As such, ranking on Youtube will be as difficult as doing same on Google. As a website owner, ranking on search engines (especially Google) is not something to be achieved by just posting contents. There are lots of work to be done to successfully rank. In like manner, ranking on Youtube is not honeymoon.

I have seen lots of videos that has gotten far less than 100 views even after 1 year of uploading such videos. Although there is high competition in the video industry, seeing that Facebook has also added such feature. TikTok, instagram and others also share in this competitive market, yet Youtube still remains the king. It may be easy to get your friends watch your videos on Facebook, instagram and other video platforms, but it is not so easy to achieve on Youtube.

According to Oberlo Youtubers uploads about 500 hours of videos every minute, while people watch about 1 billion hours of videos every day. With just these 2 statistics, you will see that indeed, Youtube is highly competitive. There are thousands of people striving to reach the same people you want to reach. There are thousands of contents sharing the same information with yours. So, how will your own standout from the crowd? I will show you How To Get More Views On Youtube practically

People search for almost everything on Youtube. People search for video contents like music, football, debates, movies, pranks, comedies, tutorial and all you can think of. Thus YouTube has become a must use for everyone. In my quest to improve my blogging potentials by learning more secrets on how to blog better, YouTube became a very powerful tool to me. I discovered that watching videos was easy to understand than reading blog contents on how to do a certain thing.

In like manner, YouTube is a very power repository for almost all that you need. Do you have YouTube videos or channel or you are planning to get one? Then this is a very powerful article you cannot afford to miss. You will learn how to get more views on Youtube.

This article is highly important because it will show you hidden and important secrets you should know about growing your channel. Bearing in mind that the profitability of your Youtube business is dependent on the growth you record on your channel and views on your videos. The more videos you have on your channel, the more chances of attracting more people. . Therefore, if you want to have more views on your YouTube videos or grow your YouTube channel, then here are some important tips that will be of paramount importance and help to you.
Owning a YouTube channel is very important but growing it in order to have more views on your channel is more important. Just as the secret of growing a blog is hidden in the traffic level is has, so also for your channel.

In the normal day to day business, the more customers you have, the more money you make. It is also like that on the internet. Truth is that not everyone is a converting customer, but of 100 viewers, at least 10% will be converting customers. Therefore, a wise business man will do everything possible to increase the number of his customers. So also, the more traffic you have on your video or channel, the more money you stand to make.

Here’s how to get more views on Youtube

1) Optimize your channel

Let’s delve into answering the question of how to get more views on Youtube with this point. The first thing you need to do is to optimize your channel in general and every video you upload. Optimizing your channel starts from doing a thorough keyword research in order to know what you want to rank for. To do your keyword research thoroughly and correctly, I have listed some tools that will help you achieve that. Although, as a beginner, your target should be to grow from the bottom to the top. To achieve that, you must seek to rank for long tail keywords. Thy is why. On a general note, the following tips are very important in order to optimize your channel.

• Select your keyword: Do your keyword research properly and know which keyword you want to rank for. It is that keyword your video will be fully centered on. To determine the best keyword to rank for, these two things are very important, Get a keyword with high search volume and low competition.

• Optimize your title: The title of your video should be fully optimized around the keyword you want to rank for. For example, if I want to rank for the keyword, “online business”, I will consider the following title, “how to start a business online”, “10 profitable online business”, “how to grow online business” etc. It will not make sense for me to use the title “how to make money online” while I am targeting the keyword “online business”. You get the geek? Also, try to make your title as short and simple as possible, yet let it contain your keyword.

• Optimize your description: Use the description to say a little bit about the video. This should be a kind of brief summary of your video and also make sure you keyword is included in the description
NOTE: In optimizing your youtube videos, be informed that you are not just doing it for YouTube only, you are also doing it for Google. Google now shows related videos in their search result and as such, if you optimize your video properly, you stand the chance of ranking both on Google and YouTube.

2) Social media

Social media is another powerful way of getting more views to your YouTube videos. If you are fully active on social media platforms, I guess you would have seen some of your friends sharing their videos online. If you have not seen such, then I am sure you would have seen some paid ads on your timeline. Promoting your video through your social media account will lead to a high conversion rate.

For example, if you have 2000 friends on Facebook, 2,000 on instagram and twitter, and you share your video on your profile or timeline, at least 1 in every 40 may view your video. If it make sense to them, they may even decide to share it on their timeline as well. So social media is a very powerful tool for promoting your channel and getting more views on your video. Also, you can beg your friends to help you share your video on their timeline which will be a plus to you as well. Social media is powerful because at least 3 billion people are active on social media. Therefore, you stand a chance to reach a fraction of these people.

3) Create more than one video around a particular keyword

If you have a keyword that has a very high search volume with low or medium competition, then you can do more than one YouTube videos around it. For example, if you did a video on YouTube marketing few months ago, and now you know more tips on YouTube marketing, then you can do another video for it with the same keyword. Since video is not like a blog that you can edit anytime, you will have to create another video entirely for this purpose. This will help you a great deal in such a way that 2 of your videos can rank for one keyword.

4) Forums

Be fully involved in forum discussions, though do not spam forums with your contents to avoid been banned. To be effective on forums, you must play safe. Post your videos on forums and if someone make a post that you think your video will provide a meaningful comment or reply, then write a little text and leave a link to your video. Do not just leave a link to your video without a comment. It will appear as though it is a spam and may be deleted or not viewed by anyone. This strategy has proven very effective in getting more views on youtube. As such, you too can leverage it

5) Your website

If you have a website, use it to promote your YouTube videos. Most times, if you produce a video on whatever topic of your choice, chances are that you will also develop a content around that topic for your website. If you do, then embed your video to the post and it will help you rank. If you upload a video on your website and that content pulled about 2,000 visitors, chances are that a handful of those visitors will watch you video and May even subscribe. In the latest version of yoast, adding a video to your content has become another ranking factor for your website. It then means that uploading your video to your site is an added advantage to you. With this strategy, Neilpatel gets massive views on youtube.

6) Add a subscribe button to every video

If you use to watch videos on YouTube, you will discover that in almost every video, there is always a subscribe button. It may be at the beginning or at the end of the video. Therefore ensure you add a subscribe button and encourage your viewers to subscribe.

How To Get More Views On Youtube

7) Have a schedule

Try to be disciplined in your business. Have a schedule for uploading your videos. Do it at regular interval. For example, mark angel comedy uploads every Friday and tutorial Tuesday uploads every Tuesdays. You might not be able to upload every week, but try to have a pattern for your upload. Either fortnightly or whatever interval you deem fit. Do not just do it intermittently so that your subscribers will know when to expect a release from you.

8) Let your video add value

It does not just end in getting new viewers on your channel, but you need to retain the ones you have gotten. As much as it is easy for someone to click the subscribe button, it is also easy for someone to click the unsubscribe button. Bear in mind that it is easier to loose traffic than to gain traffic. Make sure that every video you produce adds value to the viewers if you really want to grow your channel.
I am a strong follower of Neil Patel and Brian Dean of Backlinko. How did I get to know about these guys? I never stumbled upon them anywhere online. Rather, a friend of mine recommended them to me. Think about this, if they were not adding value, will anyone ever recommend them to me? Of course not. It is because of the value they add, that was why my friend follows them to the point of recommending them to me. If your videos add value, you will have lots of recommendation. I think recommendation is the best way of growing a business.

9) Create a playlist

Create a powerful playlist for you channel. With this playlist, viewers will be able to spend time to view more than one of your video at a goal. A playlist will links all your related videos together such that once on finish playing, the other starts off immediately

10) Add your Link to your profile on Social Media and forums

Add a link to your channel to your profile on forums and social media. I use phpbb template for my forum and in the course of looking for help on how to rectify certain issues, I came across a guy. Upon reviewing his profile, I saw his YouTube channel link and I pad him a video. Therefore, if you consider adding a link to your channel on your profile, then the better for you.

11) Paid ads

If you have the money, then let the money do the job for you. You can subscribe for paid adverts to promote your video and your channel. Google adword and Facebook will be of great relevance for this purpose. They will help you promote what you do to a number of people depending on your budget.
The good part of Facebook and Google adword is that they provide advertising space to clients based on their budgets. So as little as you have, you can run an advert and when you make more money, you can increase your advert budget. Another good part of this is that your advert will be more focused in reach. That is to say, you will define your target and the advert will be displayed to those who fall within the target.

For example, if I do a video on politics, that is trying to promote a political candidate who is running for the governorship of California, then it will be waste of money to target people who live in china, Brazil and other countries. Even, it will not make sense to target Americans who live outside California. Then, how do I do it. To start with, I will set my location to California USA. Secondly, I will be able to target the voting age bracket of people in the United State.
Let’s say it is between 18yrs to 65yrs, then I will be able to target my advert to the right people. You now see that I have focused my advert, first to those that reside in California and secondly, to those that are eligible to vote. By so doing, my budget will be calculated and I will be able to achieve much, just with little budget. Also there is another company known as Promolta. Their main business is to help you advertise your video to your target audience. Here is a very detailed content on how to run adverts effectively and efficiently.

12) Add your link to comments on other videos

Bloggers and youtubers cannot do without backlinks. If you want to promote a video on your channel, then you leverage backlinks by dropping your link in the comment section of another video.
For example, I do a video titled, “why you need a blog”, then another person does a video on “10 reasons why you need a blog”. If I view the video, I could drop a comment like this, “your video was awesome and has lots of knowledge, meanwhile I have a similar video that has some points you did not state, follow this link to watch it for more detail (here, you drop the link to the video)”.
With this, you will have few views coming from that angle. In blogging and YouTube, 1 person that visits your site or watch your video is important and nothing is too small. So this is another free way of promoting your YouTube channel and video

13) Reply every comment made on your video

Make your channel very interactive and as such, more engagements will come your way. Ensure you reply every comment you receive. When you do so, those who posted the comment will know that you value their opinion a great deal. Sometimes, the only reply they need is “thanks”. It’s not a big deal to type thanks so go ahead and type it.
Some people will also criticize your video, with this criticism, you then improve on subsequent videos or probably they did not fully understand the message you were trying to pass. You can reply them by explaining your points to them which will make them watch the view again. Also their criticism could even lead you to doing another video. Let’s say I do a video on “how to make money in the campus” and someone criticizes the video by saying it was only for those in the campus, how about others. This can lead me to doing another video titled, “15 ways to make money”.

After doing this video, I go to his comment and reply with the link to the new video. I stand a chance of having a handful of people viewing the video through that link. In replying comments, let it not be like the Tom and Jerry fight. Do not condemn or get mad at people who criticize your hard effort. Let those criticisms lead to more innovation.

14) Make your video short

If you want to get more views on youtube, then consider the duration of your video. The timing of your video also matters a great deal. If you do a video on how to make money on YouTube, it is important that the video should be 7 minutes or lesser. If you have a view of those videos that rank on YouTube (apart from movies and full tutorials) you will find out that they last between 5-10 minutes. People want to watch you enshrine your whole idea in as short as 10 minutes.
If your video is shorter then, it will have more view. Let’s say 3 people do 3 different video on the same thing “how to do SEO the right way”. The timing of these 3 video will not be the same. You will find out that the video with the shorter duration may have more views than the other 2.

15) Reduce the size of your video

Many people, most especially Africans are always conscious of their data. As such, they consider the size of the video before watching or downloading. Try to ensure that you reduce the size of your video to as low as you can. The size will also determine the loading speed of the video and you know that no one will want to wait for long, just for a video to load. Therefore, do well to reduce the size of the video and yet retain its quality.

16) Partner with other influencers in your niche

You can partner also with other influencers in the niche. If you watch SEO tutorial, you will discover that many of them make mention of Brian Dean of Backlinko and Neil Patel. When you watch 2 videos that mention one person, you will surely want to know more of that person. So that it why partnering with influencers will make sense. Let them mention you and then you also reciprocate the same by mentioning them.

17) Email marketing

Pulling traffic to either your blog or channel is incomplete without Email marketing. You need email marketing to reach out to other wider community of viewers via their emails. If you have a blog, collect the emails of your subscribers and then inform them of you latest videos whenever you make a release. With this, about 1 in every 10 may view your video and then 10 in every 100 and so on and so forth. So the more emails you collect, the better and more advantaged you are.

18) Use a compelling Thumbnail image

Most times, people do not read certain information online, they just scan through contents. When they search for a keyword on YouTube and YouTube feeds their request with about 20 videos, they will surely not watch all the 20 videos at a time. They might just watch only 2 or 3 and off they go. So if your video appears among the 20 videos, how do you convince the searcher to view yours and leave others? This is where a compelling thumbnail image will come to play. Let the image you use be captivating enough to the point that the searcher will have no other option than to stop bye and click on the video.

19) Do videos based on demand once in a while

Once in a while, ask your subscribers and viewers questions on what they want. With their response, you can do a video on that and then notify them that such video is now available. Or if you do a video with the title, “SEO marketing” and you outline about 5 tips to help you succeed in SEO marketing. If you go through the comments you have and discover that out of the 5 tips you shared, most people complain about the difficulty of one of them, then you can choose do another video, fully dedicated to that one tip. In that video, you explain in detail how to do what you stated there.

20) Add an Intro and Outro to your video

Do not just go straight to the point in your video and say what you want to say and then leave. Add an intro to you video at the beginning and an outro at the ending. The intro will provide a brief detail about you and what you do in general. This will make people know you and also build confidence around you, not just watching you video and then leaving. In the end, use an outro to conclude your video. The outro should also encourage people to subscribe.

How To Get More Views On Youtube – The Bottomline

I hope these tips on How To Get More Views On Youtube will help you in your journey to video creation. Truth is, it will not happen over night but consistency is the key. Your YouTube video could be the next rated video, so put in your best and reap the benefit someday.

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