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How To Read At Night Comfortably

Success in school is a result of relentless efforts. If you sow your seed in the day, also sow in the night because you do not know the one that will yield more fruit. This article is aimed at teaching you how to read at night comfortably. Many students are afraid of reading at night because of certain factors. Some students have conditioned their body system so that they will never read at night no matter what happens. A course mate of mine once told me that no matter how difficult the examination for the next day might be, reading at night is not for her.

Whatever might be your fear as a student, this article is powerfully prepared to counter them. I was once a student and therefore I want to recommend what works. Many people might recommend their ideas but unfortunately, some of those ideas are just theories. In practical sense, they might not work. But then, I show you a more excellent way that will aid your academic pursuit. These strategies are tested, trusted and therefore recommended.
The goal is to help every student have an enjoyable academic life. Therefore, we will not relent in our effort to compile powerful articles for your consumption. Here are the points that will appropriately guide you in your pursuit.

Look for a secured environment: To overcome the problem of insecurity, look for a comfortable environment. For those that live in the lodges inside the campus, I guess there is a common room inside. If there is, then I suppose that it will be more secured than those opened fields. But then if there is no common room in your lodge, I still suppose that there will be a secured place around you. Study your environment carefully and find out a secured and conducive environment for yourself.

Rest well during the day: You cannot cheat your body and get away with it. If you over labour yourself, then reading at night might be a world of absolute impossibility. If it is in your plan to read at night, then ensure you have a good rest in the day. Plan your day properly to accommodate siesta which will help you stay awake at night.

Never stay in your room or on your bed: I want to recommend that you should not read inside your room, most especially if you are alone. Although, this is more of personal. I discovered that it does not work for me, yet it works for some few people. So check out what works for you and apply it. But if you are comfortable reading in your room, then be careful not to read on top of your bed. Reading on top of your bed is an indirect way of sending invitation letter to sleep.

Change your mindset: You have to change your mindset that the night is only for sleep. Infact, we may not be so successful if all our night is spent on sleep, sleep and sleep. This mindset is a serious limitation which must be changed for progress to be made. I have not seen, read of or heard of anyone who achieved a sky rocketing success without making some sacrifices at night. Ask yourself this question: Why do armed robbers use the night period for their activities? Therefore, you can convert your night into a more profitable time.

Have a group or team: Reading at night is better enjoyed with a group. Liverpool football club’s slogan is, “never walk alone”. So I want to say that if you want to read at night, never read alone. Have your group. If you have your reading group, it will solve the problem of insecurity because in a group, you will be more secured. Also, if everyone in your group is seriously reading, you will find out that sleep will hardly have an entrance. So do not neglect the power of group reading.

Do not be over comfortable while reading: Try not to be in an over relaxed and over comfortable position if you go for night class. If you stay in an over relaxed and over comfortable place or position, chances are that you might sleep off.

Walk around intermittently: At irregular interval, stand up from your seat and walk about to prevent sleep from taking charge. I had a friend in the university that when we go for night class and it seems as if sleep wants to take over, he will stand up and carry his book on his hand. He will be reading while standing and as such sleep would flee. May I encourage anybody reading this article that you must be desirous of success. No good sacrifice is too much to be paid to achieve success.

Use supplement: I recommend the use of supplements such as coffee, chewing gum, tom tom etc. when I go for night class, I make use of tom tom and chewing gum and they work fine. Someone said that when he wants to read at night, he gets a bucket of water and deep his legs into it till he finish reading. Others take coffee or cola-nut and they all work. So look for any of these and try it.


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Understand what works for you: The climax of all these recommendations is that you must endeavor to find out what works for you. For example, if your plan is to read for four hours at night, then you must be able to know what time of the night will be good for you. Some might go with 10pm to 2am while others prefer 2am to 6am. Just understand what works fine for you and then apply it.

Never use lamp or candle: The last point is to make sure you do not use candle or lamp. Studies shows that they weaken the strength of your eyes. Also, if you want to read at night, then never use candle most especially. My brother’s friend, while preparing for his West African Examination Council (WAEC) examination decided to read at night with candle. While he was reading, he fell asleep. The candle burnt completely and then burnt the table and proceeded to his bed. He was badly injured that he could not complete the WAEC examination. Think about that. Why reading for an examination that you will not writing. This is a big risk and unfortunately, it is not worth taking. Most preferably, if there is no light, try using a recharge lantern or torch

In conclusion therefore, I advice that you apply these strategies and I give it a sure bet that they will work. I believe that this article has taught you how to read at night. Cheers to more academic success

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