How to Set Your Home Address on Iphone

How to Set Your Home Address on Iphone

In recent time, the use of Iphones has increased drastically and as such, almost everyone want to use it. As such, it becomes important that we explain some basic things you need to know in order not to be a total stranger to the device. Here, I want to show you How to Set Your Home Address on Iphone.

Technology has increased to the point that you need to set you locations in your mobile devices. This is not because the applications wants to track your movement. For example, I left my office one day and was heading home, on my way back, I got a message from Google map, asking me my experience at  work that day. This means that the Google map has got to understand where I go to almost everyday and it would not be wrong to conclude that that is my workplace.

Also, if you want to embark on a journey and you do not know the address, both Google Map and Apple map will help you locate the place. Such that you won’t be afraid of getting missing. With this you will understand the importance of these applications. And seeing the prevalent technology in vogue, you need not to fear the issue of misusing your information because these applications have a very strong privacy policy. Your information will not be stolen by anyone at all.

You need to set you home address because Apple Maps doesn’t automatically detect your it, it can only detect your current location. If you from one point to the other, it will keep telling you how long it will take to drive to your previous home address. This will continue to happen until you set your new address. This is why I want to show you How to Set Your Home Address on Iphone.


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How to Set Your Home Address on Iphone

Google Maps has its own option for your new home address which you can change in the app. Apple Maps is not like that. It does not have such feature. Rather, it makes use of the Home address set for your Contacts card.

To set your home address on your Iphone, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Open your iPhone’s Contacts application. You will see your contacts card. On the contact card, you’ll see your name with the label “My Card” appear at the top of your list of contacts. Click on the “my card”.

Step 2: Having clicked on “my card” you’ll see your “Home” address displayed, if you’ve previously set one. This is the Home address Apple Maps uses. Or if you bought the iPhone from someone, the app will use the address set by the previous user. As such, you’ll need to edit it.

Step 3: Click on the “Edit” link at the top right corner of the screen to edit your settings. In the settings that will be displayed, go down and till you find the “Home” address section. If you have not set a Home address before, then click on the “Add Address” link to add a Home address. But if you have done that before, that is if there is any registered home address on your device, then you need to edit it.

Step 4: Click on the Home address fields and type in your new Home address. Having done that, Click “Done”. This process may actually take a little time to propagate as it is not done immediately. It may take a few moments for the Apple Maps app to notice your new Home address and start using it in the widget and the Apple Maps app itself.

After a while of waiting and nothing happens, you can close the app and reopen. Hopefully it would have propagated. But then, if it still does not propagate, then you need to restart the application. This time, hopefully it would have been done.

This solution is applicable for all models of iphone. As such, having understood the process, you can go ahead to try it yourself and enjoy the usage of your valued device.

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