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How to Write Quality Content for your Blog

In the blogging industry, it is believed that content is key. But beyond contents, we pay attention to quality. This therefore means that quality content is key. This blog post is aimed at showing you how to write quality content for your blog. To get to the top of search engine result page (SERP), attention should be paid to the quality your contents offer. It is the quality of content that will determine if visitors will return to your blog after their first visit. It is the quality of content that will determine if your blog will be boomarked by visitors for subsequent visits.

Knowing fully well that this blogging industry has become highly competitive, it therefore means that every blogger must be innovative enough to thrive amidst the competition. A lot has been put into place in order to help new bloggers achieve amazing results. As a matter of fact, infoducation is dedicated to that course. Seeing that you need to grow in your endeavour, we will always be at our best to help you. For this reason, we have done an in-depth study on how to write quality content for a blog. These points are important and as such, you ought to follow them step by step in order to achieve result.

If you want to have more visitors to your website, ensure you have quality contents so that your visitors will derive maximum satisfaction when they visit your website. Many websites have high bounce rate because several visitors seem not to find meaningful and helpful information on their website. You will surely not continue to patronize any shop that you do not get satisfaction from their services. Quality contents will earn you high recommendations and direct visitors. If a visitor knows that in visiting your website and reading your contents, he will find answers to his question, then be sure that he may not need to do a random search on Google for information. He heads straight up to your website. That is where he is sure to get helpful information from. Thus, here are the steps on how to write quality content to your blog.

Be original

The very first thing to do in trying to write quality content is to be original. If your content must be quality, then ensure it is original. People will not be happy if your contents are not original. Originality is key. By original, it means that your contents should be written by you. In the case where some part of your contents are copied from other websites, provide the necessary reference to the original source. It will build readers trust and you will not be guilty of plagiarism. Apart from building readers trust, search engines will easily index your contents because of the high level of originality in it. When visitors find out that the information shared on your blog is not correct or true, then there are less chances of returning. Although several contents has been created around every keyword and topic, yet if you come across a keyword or topic, develop it from your own perspective.

Do an in-depth study on every topic you want to write about

In blogging, it is important to remember that your contents are written for people. As such, any topic you want to write on, ensure that you study much around the topic. This is to help you have an in-depth knowledge on the said subject matter. People want contents that answers their questions. They want contents that will give them the information they need. This will only be possible if your content is informative enough. Don’t just write because writing is your hobby. Do not write because it is a must for you to post content that day.

Do a thorough study around the subject matter you are writing about. I personally like reading backlinko and neilpatel because they are experts in what they teach. They do not teach as though they are not sure of the information they are sharing. As such, if you want to write quality content, ensure you do a thorough research and study so as to come up with helpful information. If possible, reduce your daily posting target. Instead of posting ten low quality contents, it is better you post five quality contents. As a matter of fact, two quality contents will do what ten low quality contents cannot do for you. Having this in mind, do a thorough study on every topic so as to gain adequate information. Then you can go ahead to build content around it.

Avoid copying and pasting

Having read to this point, I guess you are still interested in knowing how to write quality content for your blog. If so, you must endeavour to avoid copy and paste as much as possible. Search engines like Google detest it. Apart from search engines, readers will not be happy if they come to your blog just to find out that your contents were copied from another blog. Any blog that is a specialist in copy and paste does not merit patronage. If you must copy, ensure you paraphrase before sharing. There are times when copying is inevitable.

For example, news blogs copy from each other. If you wish to report a speech made by someone on your blog, you must have to copy it from the original source. In this case, you will not be able to do without copy and paste. But then, ensure you provide adequate references. But in cases that are totally different from the example cited above, you must ensure you do away with copy and paste. It kills your blog more than it builds it.

Be informative and detailed enough

The next thing to pay attention to in a bid to write a quality content is that it is informative and detailed enough. Try as much as possible to make every of your content the final bus stop to your readers. Make sure that after reading your contents, your readers will still not look for further information to augment what they learnt from your content. Also make sure that they do not seek further verification of your contents. If these are set in place, then be sure that you will have their patronage and recommendation always. Do not hide any helpful or meaningful information from your readers.

If you must employ freelancer writers, get the best of them

There are times when you will need the service of freelancers. You cannot do it all alone. In blogging, content is key. There are some blogs that publish more than 20 contents per day. This cannot be done by one person. You must need the services of others. Therefore, ensure that you get the best of them. Make sure that you do not employ people who are not good in content creation. Go for nothing less than the best. There are platforms where you can hire quality freelance writers. Some of them are writersgig, fiverr, upwork, etc. Patronize them and get value for your money.

Share practical tips

Another thing is that readers love practical a lot. Don’t just tell them how to do it. Tell them how you did it when it was your turn. Share practical and real life scenarios with them. There are times that theories will not help. For example, if you have a content that talks about how to lose 50kg in three months, don’t just tell them what to do. If you know someone that lost 50kg in three months, share the success tips with your readers. They will love your contents more. If you want to teach people how to get more traffic to their blog and you are still battling between 500-1000 daily visitors, then there is a missing link. Share screenshot of your analytics dashboard of the time you were battling with getting visitors and your current dashboard. When they see the progress you’ve made, they will pitch their tents on your blog. With this, you will win the heart of several of them.

It may not actually be possible to write a content that provides a complete information about a subject matter in one post. As such, it is important to link to other contents on your blog if they address an aspect of what you are writing about. For example, this article is titled “How to Write Quality Content for your Blog”. One of the aim of having a quality content on your blog is to boost your SEO ranking. But the, instead of having a section of this article that elaborates on how to do SEO, I simply link to another content on this blog that handles that issue. With this, people can hang around my blog in search of an information, although they move from one page to another. This will increase your visitors dwell time and reduce your bounce rate. If you are not aware, this is one of Google’s serious ranking factor. When people spend more time on your website, it tells search engines that your content has quality and as such, you tend to rank more.

Sectionalise your contents

In still trying to learn How to Write Quality Content for your Blog, you must learn to sectionalize your contents. In writing, your content should have an introduction, body and conclusion. This helps to arrange your content more and also enhance readability. You must learn to create sections for your posts so as to avoid been clustered. Creating sections will help your contents to be organized and readable in turn.

Where headers are needed, use them. When lists and tables are needed use them. Try as much as possible to ensure that your content is very organized. Just like in writing formal letter to your boss, you make sure you follow similar format. Your introductory part should throw a bit light into what you intend to write about. In the body section, you be as detailed as possible while in the conclusion, you summarize all your points. This will in the end give you a quality content.

Your content length matter

Lengthy contents matter a lot. Several of the contents on this blog are more than 2000 words long. I have maintained a standard of not having less than 1500 words per content. The reason is because lengthy contents are believed to be more detailed and informative than short contents. As such, try to write lengthy contents. If you do your keyword research and find out topics to write for, find out the blogs ranking for that keyword. Run a thorough analysis on the content and find out the length of the content. Having found that out, write another that will be longer. This is help you to rank higher. This will be believed to have quality. Although, in trying to write long contents, ensure you do not derail from the central focus of the topic.


Having looked at How to Write Quality Content for your Blog, there are other points that are not stated here. But then, as you continue your research and practice, you will discover more. Try and put them to use. No one is an island of knowledge, such that you will surely not know it all. Apply the points listed above and what your contents grow in ranking and readers preference.

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