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Pet Blogging: Important Things to Know About it in 2022

Pet blogging is gradually evolving in the blogging industry. To start with, blogging on its own has come to stay. It has become the source of livelihood to many individuals and organization. The internet space is wide enough to accommodate competition. As such delving into blogging would be a wise move for everyone who chooses to. This is why you should try blogging and this is also how you can start your blog as soon as possible.

One of the important features of blogging is the fact that it can accommodate what so ever niche you choose. People search for everything on the internet. As much as you cannot write about everything, you can write about what you know too well.

People write product reviews, news, education, job, technology etc. You can choose to write about pets. The good part of pet blogging is that it is not a popular niche in terms of number of available blogs. But then, the search volume for pet related keywords is high. This is to say that pet blogging is a niche in blogging where you can peach your tent and get your desired output.

Those living in the first world countries do not joke with pets. As such, they pay attention to their pets. This they do by following pet blogs that will help them provide the best care for their pet. According to a post on Bloggerspassion, the pet care market size surpassed $232 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at over 6.1% CAGR between 2022 and 2027?

What is a pet?

According to Wikipedia, a Pets or companion animal is an animal kept primarily for a person’s company or entertainment rather than as a work animal, livestock or a laboratory animal. The two most popular pets are dogs and cats. But others include; monkeys, rabbits, parrots etc.

Ordinarily, these animals may not be easy to tame for the kind of nature they have. But then, domesticating them makes them friendly and fun to be with. Most animals have different breed which makes it possible to domesticate any of the breeds you choose to. 

Relevance of pet blogging

Pet blogs have several relevance in the 21st century, if not I may not invest so much effort in bringing up this content. As earlier stated, pet blogging keywords have much search volumes. If people were not interested in pet, they will not be searching for it. Here are few of the relevance of pet blogging.

  1. Pets have become people’s companion. Over time, I have seen people traveling with their pets. Some live and sleep in the same room with their pets. Just as people want to know how to fix issues, they will also want to know how to give care to their pets.
  2. Pet blogging showcases your professionalism: There are some blogging niches that you can venture into even as a novice and achieve result. But then, pet blogging is not one of such niches. In choosing a pet blog, you are telling us that you are a professional.
  3. Pet blogging contents are evergreen: This is one of the relevance of having a pet blog. The contents are always evergreen. Unlike scholarship or job blogs where an opening maybe available today and by next month, its no longer available. Pet blog contents are evergreen such that the contents will be relevant years after publishing them. All you need to do is to content updating the contents so as to be more relevant and recent.
  4. It expands your income: When readers and searchers are convinced that you are good at what you do, you chances of becoming a pet consultant will increase. This is because you showcase professionalism from the kind of contents you publish. With this, you tend to increase your income.  
Pet blogging

How to start your pet blog

The only way to succeed is to start. Starting a pet blog is not difficult. The process of starting a pet blog is the same process involved in starting a normal blog. I will summarize the processes involved in starting a pet blog, but then, follow this guide for a step by step guide on how to start a blog. You can create a very simple blog yourself within one hour and start pushing contents to it. Follow the steps below to create your own pet blog

Choose a niche

I personally will not recommend that you should blog about everything pet. There are various animals that serve as pets. Some has been listed above like dog, cat, rabbit, horse etc. As such, I will not recommend that you start a blog that talks about all of them. This will not show professionalism.

Also, blogging about all these will make it very vast and as such, you may not have a centralized focus. You may be worked out along the way if you want to carry all these along. As such, in the best practice, I recommend you blog about only one of these animals. Maybe dog or cat or horse etc. This will give your pet blog a focus.

It is important to know that there are various species of these animals. As such, you may not run out of content ideas to write on. With this, your niche will not be too narrow or too broad. It will be moderate enough and you will achieve more. There is a quote that will make much sense for this case. It will help you narrow your thoughts. It says,

“If you try to be everything for everybody, you will be nothing to no one.”

When you successfully narrow down your niche to be more specific, it will help you get quality contents. Your interest will no longer be in writing as many contents as possible. Rather, you will be able to coin out more qualitative contents. You may not need to publish contents every day or even every week. You may choose to publish once every week or even twice a month. By so doing, quality will be assured. Though your contents may be few, with time, you will experience tremendous growth.

Buy a domain name

The second thing to do is to get a domain name. I can help you with name suggestions for free. Use the details on the contact page to reach me. Or better still, drop a comment on this post. But then, to get a good domain may not be too difficult at this stage. This is because you have gotten the niche to write on.

Haven gotten the niche, the work becomes more simplified. Do a meaningful combination of words and come up with something good for your blog. Once you come up with a name suggestion, head over to whois to check for its availability. If it is available, then return to namecheap and buy it. If it is not available, whois will bring a suggestions of similar and available names for you to choose from.

For more emphasis, here is how to get a good domain name for your blog. Since you want to blog about pets, it is important you get a domain name that can easily tell people what to expect from your site even without visiting it. Blogging about every animal that serves as a pet may be a herculean task. as such, it will make sense if you blog about something more narrowed. This will help you become more focused on one thing. You can choose to blog about cats, dogs, rabbits etc, instead of blogging about all of them at once. If you choose on cat, you will find out that the contents you can build around cats are inexhaustible.

Get a hosting plan

Having gotten your domain name, get a hosting plan. This service is also available on namecheap at an affordable prize. It is a good practice to host your website on the same platform where you bought the domain name. Hosting plan on namecheap is the best for you. If you do not have the fund to buy a premium host, start from the smallest plan and with time you upgrade.

Hire a web developer

If you cannot develop the blog yourself, then you need to hire an expert web designer. This will give you a professional design for an affordable rate. You can hire the service of a web designer on fiverr, upwork, freelancer etc.  

Get a good graphic designer

You will also need the service of a good graphic designer to help you design your logo. If you want to do it yourself, you can use tools like Canva and Truic. With these tools you can get a good design. But if you are not good with these tools, you then need to contact a professional. Click here to get a good graphic designer for your logo.

Hire an SEO expert

SEO means search engine optimization. I guess you want to rank on Google and other search engines. Search engine traffic converts the most for bloggers. As such, if you want your contents to rank on search engines, then you need the service of an SEO expert. But then, if you want to do it yourself, here is a guide on how to do SEO yourself. Also, carefully read the contents on this blog. They will help you a great deal

Start Building Contents for Your Pet Blog

Once your pet blog is up and running, the next thing is to start writing contents. You may not have all the time to do it in your own, as such, you will also need to hire a content write. On writersgig, you will get the best content writers for any niche of your choice. You can also get them on fiverr and other platforms.

If you want to grow in pet blogging, then quality content is what you need. Having pet is really fun for people. They want to have their pet and take care of it. As such, let your pet blogs are platforms where pet owners can get meaningful and relevant information on how to care for their pet. I do not always emphasize on having too much contents on your blog. Rather I recommend having quality contents on your blog. It is better to have 20 quality contents that will attract readers than to have 200 contents that nobody cares about.

Here is my guide on how to write quality contents for your blog. For your pet blog, focus on contents that provides solutions to problems. Focus on practical ways of getting things done. Do not just write for writing sake. If you must grow in your pet blogging career, then build amazing contents that attracts readers. If you can successfully build quality contents that your readers need, they will bookmark your blog. They may not need to do a random search on search engine to find relevant contents. Rather, they may just head over to your blog to see the latest content you have to offer. They will also go as far as subscribing for newsletters from your blog. But then, when you do not offer quality contents, nobody will ever care to return again.

pet blogging

How to grow your pet blog

Do you want to grow you pet blog? Anyways, nobody ever does a business that he doesn’t want to grow in it. Pet blogging is a niche that is properly done, you are going to be financially stable. As such, you must focus on growing your blog at all cost. Although I have a content on how to grow your blog, but with emphasis on pet blogging, follow these steps;

1. Do keyword research

The reason why you need to do keyword research is because it helps you know what people are searching for. This will make you not just write contents carelessly. There are several contents that nobody ever cares to read. This is because readers do not have interest in them. Thus, if you want to know what people are interested in, then start with keyword research. You can do that with Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Google keyword finder, Kwfinder etc. This will help you know what keyword to rank for. It tells you how many people search for a particular subject matter. Once you do you keyword research appropriately, then you can go ahead to build contents around those keywords. Here is a list of free keyword research tools for beginners.

2. Build links with other pet bloggers

Blogging is not what you can grow in isolation. You will need the corporation of other bloggers as well. As such, build links and relationships with them. This will make them share important tips with you and also send backlinks to your blog.

3. Be active on pet related forums and social media pages and groups

There are tons of pet related forums and social media pages and groups. Be active on them. Do not ever try to work in isolation. It is in the worst practice. Go to Facebook and other social media platforms and lookout for such pages and forums. Post contents there and also reply to other peoples contents. The same thing applies to forums. Be very active on forums. Forums drive quality backlinks to websites and blogs. Thus, do not joke with it.

How to monetize your pet blog

Having a pet blog is not just for the fun. There must be dividends to your hardwork. As such, making money through pet blogging should be your major target. Although there are several monetization options for your blog as provided in this post, yet I want to point out three options for your pet blog monetization.

i. Subscribe to an ads agency

Subscribing to an ads agency like Adsense, Ezoic, Monetizemore etc is one of the most popular ways of making money in your pet blogging career. Companies advertise through these agencies. These agencies in turn reach their audience by leveraging on blogs. As such, if you apply and get approved by any of these companies, you will begin to serve adverts on your blog. With this, you can successfully monetize your blog.

This method of monetization needs more hardwork from you to turn in a good amount of return. The more traffic you have, the better for you. High traffic brings more clicks to the adverts served on your blog. With this, the possibilities of making a huge amount of money monthly is readily available. You can make anything from $100 to as much as $10,000 or even more every month. The good part of this ads method is that the companies serve ads related to your niche. For pet blogging, you will expect adverts that are related to pets. You may not see adverts on scholarships, cars etc. These adverts are well served.  

ii. Affiliate marketing

Several of the top bloggers depends on affiliate marketing for returns. There are several affiliate marketing programs you can register with and then share your affiliate link on your blog. Some of the available affiliate programs includes; Amazon affiliate, SEMrush affiliate known as Berush, Commission Junction, Rakuten affiliate and many more. Once you place your affiliate link on your blog, the more people visit your blog, the better for you. Once any sales is made through you link, you earn commission for the sales. The commission may be fixed by percentage. As such, the more sales you make, the better for you. Several bloggers depend on affiliate marketing to monetize their blogs.

In leveraging affiliate marketing for your pet blogging, you must be very careful in choosing the services to subscribe to. I listed some affiliate programs above which may not be the best for your pet blog. For example, having an affiliate program for cars on your pet blog does not make s single sense. You should ensure that the affiliate program you choose must have something to do with the niche you operate, else, you lose the essence. As such, here are few affiliate programs for pet bloggers to subscribe to.

Pet Care Supplies: As the name implies, they supply health care products to your pets at a very affordable rate. For their affiliates, they offer between 10%-13% commission for every sale initiated through your link.

TruDog: They offer varieties of services to dogs. From dog food to supplements and other dog related products. For their affiliates, they offer about 10% commission This is an online pet company. They focus on dog beds and pet travel products. These products are aimed at improving the quality of life for pets. They offer a 20% commission for their affiliates.

Ollie: It provides pet feeds for almost every form of pet. The reason is because the way you feed you pets determines how you pet will be.

Petco: Petco offers varieties of pet products and pet related service. You can also earn affiliate commission by selling petco products via your pet blog

Hepper: They design luxury cat furniture and shares helpful information about dogs and cats to make you and your pets smile. Purchase your favorite items from our contemporary cat furniture collections today, and join us on our blog to get to know your pet better.

iii. Direct adverts

If your pet blog is growing consistently, you can begin to sell direct advertising space on it. There are several companies that are ready to buy advertisement space on high traffic blogs. Some of them may even offer as high as $5,000 monthly. This is dependent on the traffic you generate and the domain authority of your blog. Once advertisers are sure that they will achieve their targets by placing adverts on your blog, then be sure of their patronage.

As a blogger (not just pet blogging in this case), focus on growing your blog. There are endless financial possibilities attached to a blog that is growing. If you can successfully grow you blog to about 5,000 visitors per day, you will be happy you did. If you can successfully optimize your blog to rank for several high ranking keywords, you will smile to the bank every month end.

How to Get a Pet

In case you want to get a get for yourself and you don’t know how to go about it, this section will guide you. Using Petfinder helps you with the solution to the problem. Petfinder is a platform that helps match people with the perfect adoptable pets. It provides guidelines for adoption of your favorite pets. They also make sure pets and their people have long, happy lives together.

Petfinder is an online, searchable database of animals who need homes. It is also a directory of nearly 11,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Majority of the pet available on the platform is cat and dog. In 2008, Petfinder went into search partnership with DogPile search engine. To further enhance this partnership, Dogpile launched an animal-charity that helps people find help for animals in need.


Pet blogging makes sense in itself. If you are looking for where and how to get started, this content has helped you a lot. The pet blogging niche will quietly push you to the peak of your blogging career. Although, this is only possible if you are consistent. Develop a blogging schedule and ensure you keep to it. As earlier mentioned, I may not recommend that you full your blog with tons of contents. Rather, the fewer quality contents you have, the better for you. You may choose to write 2 contents weekly, ensure you stick to it. Make the contents highly quality and watch how it converts

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