Privacy Policy

At Infoducation, we maintain a very strong privacy policy that ensures the privacy of every information/data we collect from people. On no condition do we ever release the information we collect from you to anybody. We understand that information is key and vital to our daily activities and as such we need that information in order to grow our platform. The information we collect are basically names, email address and website (where applicable).

There are two methods by which we collect this information.

  1. Through comments: In dropping any comment to any of our posts, we request that you drop your name, email address and website (where applicable). The reason for dropping this information is to help us in feeding you back with respect to the comment you dropped. It will also help us to know that the comment was not made by a robot or anonymous person. With this information every comment will have a unique identifier.
  2. Through email list subscription: At Infoducation, we also request that people subscribe to our newsletters and other web contents. This will help drive our contents to people even without them visiting the website. With this, subscribers will stay abreast to our recent contents and publication. In turn, it also helps us to grow our website since one of the strategies of growing a website is through email marketing.

These are the only information we collect from visitors. Also, these are the only things we do with the information. We do not share or publish this information to anybody or on any platform. Infoducation will never request for any other information like your credit card details, your social media handle links, your bank account details etc. Also, seeing that every comment dropped on this website is for public consumption, ensure that you do not drop other vital information on this website. We may not be able to regulate that. Infoducation will not be held accountable if you drop any of such information on this website and such information is misused. We value your privacy. Ensure that you in turn value your privacy as well.

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