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11 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog As Soon As Possible

In the 21st century, blogging has become one of the field where your efforts could be lucratively channeled. Everyone has a chance to start a blog and make extra income.

As technology spreads rapidly, the need to leverage on it also increases. In recent time, the internet has become the new oil well of several persons. Technology companies rakes in billions of dollars in revenue yearly.

As such, investing on the internet is not out of it. I have been a blogger since 2015. Having seen lots of potentials and opportunities in blogging, it is time to move my career forward. This post is aimed at providing reasons why you should start a blog this year.

The total number of internet users has greatly increased. The internet is used to search for various kinds of information and also for communication purposes. With this in mind, if you are in possession of relevant information, then you need to start a blog, so as to share the information with a wider audience.

Today, many people have quit their well-paying job for blogging. This is because owing a blog is far more profitable than any salary job you can do. Although this may not be a universal truth, it depends on the effort you put into your blog.

If you still want to do it as a part time endeavor, it is very much possible. Although, you cannot compare the output of a full time job with that of a part time job. Knowing this, if you choose to start a blog today, you have taken the best decision for the year.

As much as blogging can become your oil well, I must clearly state that it is not a get-rich-quit scheme. You may not like you output in the first year, but with consistency, success is assured. As such, beyond starting a blog, decide to put in effort and your result in the end will be appreciable.

To that end, this content is aimed at encouraging you to start a blog. If you already have a blog, then follow my guide on how to get more traffic.

#1 It is relatively cheaper to start than other businesses

The first reason why you should start a blog is because it is cheap and affordable to start up. One of the biggest secrets of business is to start small and grow big. Thus, blogging is one of the businesses you can start with little capital.

If you want to start up a business, the first thing you look out for is an office. Then you proceed to register the business with the government of your country (depending on the country and nature of business you want to set up). After that, you buy inventory and employ people. Before this is done, you may have spent several thousands of dollars.

But if you want to start a blog, get a laptop, domain name, a hosting plan and a professional website designer. As a beginner, you may not need premium plugins and themes. Thus the cost needed to start a blog will reduce.

You can get a domain name with namecheap. As far as it is not a premium domain name, you can get it for less than $20. Here is my guide on how to get a good domain name.

After getting a domain name, the next thing is to get a hosting plan. You can also get a hosting plan from namecheap. It is advised that for ease of operation, you get you domain name and hosting from same company. As a beginner, you should go for the basic plan which can be upgraded with time. This also will cost less than $100 to get.

The next thing is to get a professional website designer who will give you a quality design. This service may cost less than $200 depending on the nature of customization you want. But on the other hand, you can search for videos on YouTube and learn it yourself.

Having done all that I listed above, the next thing is to get a laptop. Even without blogging, you need a laptop. But then you can use you smartphone for a start. In my first blog, I made posts with my phone. As such, since you want to start small, ensure you do your best.

In all this, you will find out that to start a blog costs far less than $800. This is unlike other businesses. So with the little money you have, then consider starting up a blog immediately after reading this content.

#2 You are passionate about something

The second reason why you should start a blog is because you are passionate about something. Although I have earlier advised that you treat your blog as a business not just passion. Yet, it is passion that grows a business.

Blogging is very vast, such that there is provision for anything you can do well. If you are passionate about religion, sports, education, jobs, entertainment, fashion, health, food, animals etc. You can convert your passion into a blog to help you develop more on it and also share your passion with a wider community.

Anything at all that you can do well, you can craft out a very profitable blogging niche around it. Meanwhile, here is a list of the most profitable blogging niches. If you can do any of them, then no need to waste more time. So, instead of just wasting your passion, you can leverage a blog to convert it to a source of wealth for yourself.

#3 Blogging Could Be Seamlessly Combined With Other Things

Although if you want to make it big in blogging, it should be done full time. Yet, if you want to do it as a part time endeavor, there is still room for that. There are some lecturers that have blogs around the academic niche. Some medical doctors and nurses have health blogs and so on.

So you see that blogging can be combined with any other thing you are doing. Just ensure that you can spare up to 4 hours daily for your blog. Then you will be good to go. Every human being has the ability to multitask at one time or the other. Therefore, if you start a blog, you can still perform matchlessly in other things you do.

Seeing that the economy of several countries can no longer sustain the citizens, the need to have more than one source of income has increased. So consider starting a blog to add to your source of income. From the biblical belief, 4 rivers watered the garden of Eden. As such, if you want to be financially stable in the 21st century, then let blogging be one of the rivers that will water your own Eden.

#4 You will always have people who need your blog

No matter how boring your niche is, you will always find people who will be interested in it. So don’t be afraid of who will visit your blog and need the information you share. Visitors are everywhere on the internet. Just be interested in putting the best content on your platform and people will surely come for them.

As a blogger, I started with a Christian blog. Religion niche is one of the most boring niches on the internet in recent time. Yet, there are some Christian blogs that generate thousands of dollars per month. So you never can tell how it goes for you. Get up and get something doing.

#5 To have a say on the internet

No single person or company owns the internet. Anybody who has a blog has a say on the internet. Therefore, if you want your voice to be heard on the virtual world, have a blog. If you search for information on search engines, you see many sites popping up. This means that those who owns those sites has a say.

Therefore, you can also start a blog so that when people search for information, yours’ will pop up too. Apart from just having a say on the internet, it makes you a stakeholder. To be a stakeholder on the internet means you have your share of the internet. As much as Google, Facebook, YouTube, amazon, Forbes and other big websites own a stake on the internet, yet if you own a blog (no matter how small), you are a stakeholder on the internet too.

#6 Added revenue source

Blogging has made several persons millionaires in their own country’s currency. If you have a blog, there are several monetization options for you. Here is a detailed list of how to monetize your blog for increased earning. As such, it means that as a blogger, you stand the opportunity of raking in hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month. When you convert the money paid in dollars to your local currency, you will see that it may even be more than the monthly salary of several senior staff in many organizations.

If you have a blog, there is no limit to how much you can earn. You stand to make as much money as the effort you put in. With this, if you want to have extra income every month end, then blogging is your sure plug.

how to start a blog

#7 It solves the problem of job hunting

Blogging is an employment on its own. I have earlier stated that there are many people who quit their well-paying jobs just for blogging. With this, you will agree that with blogging, you may not necessarily need to start looking for other jobs. Bloggers, instead of looking for jobs have become heavy employers of labour.

Many of the successful blogs you see today are not just the work of one man. There are several staff in the payroll of the blog owner. As such, the issue of job hunting becomes a settled case for you if your blog becomes successful.

Also, consider the salary structure of several employees in your country. You may not want to settle down for such a little amount of money. As such, blogging will become a better alternative for you.

#8 You Will Reach a Wider Community

You might be gifted in one area or the other and as such, you become very popular in your local environment. With a blog, you stand to gain more popularity. I don’t mean popularity in the sense that more people will know you, but in the sense that more people will benefit from your contents and ideas.

For example, I could organize a seminar in a campus and have in attendance, 500 students and teach them why they should start a blog. But with this post, I will be able to reach far more than 10,000 people across different locations.

#9 To avoid the misuse of the internet

One of the challenges facing many internet users is the misuse of the internet. You see people hanging around the internet doing nothing meaningful. Some waste as much as 8 meaningful hours on social media without any reasonable achievement.

If you start a blog, you will be able to maximize you internet usage. You might be online for up to 12 hours, but here, it will be obvious that your internet usage will be more meaningful. Instead of spending much time on Facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc. You will be able to use these social media platforms to achieve maximum engagement. So if you are guilty of misusing the internet, go get a blog and see the story line change.

#10 It enhances your creativity

Blogging involves creativity. You might not know how creative you are until you put your brain to use. Remember that the more you do a particular thing, the more you become better at it. If you want to enhance your creativity, start a blog and put your gift to use. You might not know whose problem your creativity will solve.

#11 We are in a digital era

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in a digital era, it will be nice to start a blog. Everything has gone digital today. Advertising through newspapers is gradually becoming a thing of the past because online ads makes more sense. Recruitment is done on the internet nowadays.

Everything that was done manually years back are now been done on the internet. Therefore, this provides an opportunity for you to take part in this great trend.


To conclude this article, I want to encourage you to start a blog as soon as possible. Blogging indeed is a nice thing to do and you can do it. Try it and you will soon share your own testimony. Blogging has proven to be a very profitable business. Start a blog today and smile to the bank tomorrow. Happy Reading

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