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Twitter Alternatives: Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky set to displace Twitter

It is no longer news that the Tesla boss (Elon Musk), took over Twitter in a whooping $44B deal after his tweet was deleted from Twitter for going against their policy. In response to this act, he entered into a negotiation to buy it off and after a while, the deal was sealed.

Having sealed the deal, Musk dissolved the board and sacked some of the twitter staff. Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, though he was not sack but willingly resigned. This he did because he was not satisfied with Elon Musk’s policy and way of running the company.

Before his resignation, he had already started work on Bluesky. The app had been announced but had not officially been released. After his resignation, Bluesky was officially released as a twitter alternative, to compete favourably with Twitter.

This social network is set to fully rival with twitter. Additionally, Elon Musk introduced a monthly subscription fee of $8 for a verified twitter account. This fee saw many influencers and celebrities turn their back on Twitter and embraced other twitter alternative.

Having been at the helm of affair in Twitter for years, Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky will indeed be an awesome twitter alternative to look out for. This is because it promises to introduce matchless features into the app.

What is Bluesky?

Bluesky is actually an initiative to develop a decentralized social network protocol. This initiative will help various social networks, each with its own systems of curation and moderation, to interact with other social networks through an open standard. It is intended to run on its open-source Authenticated Transfer Protocol, where servers can interact with one another. This app is designed to appeal to Twitter users, hence, the interface looks very similar to Twitter.

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 This app currently operates as a social network, (Bluesky Social) which can be accessed through a web browser or an app. It is currently available for both iOS and Android users. The Bluesky services is not opened to everyone but only available through an invitation. Despite this clause, the app has experienced tremendous growth based on the number of users that has joined through the invitation. The service will not run on an invite-only, in a short while, it will be opened up to the general public.

At the time of writing this content, Bluesky has about 70,000 users but has been downloaded about 375,000 times on iOS according to analytics from

What makes Bluesky’s success even more outstanding is that it is mostly targeted at offended Twitter users. It hopes to appeal to those users who are not longer satisfied with Elon Musk’s pattern of running Twitter. This is why most Twitter users consider Bluesky as a powerful Twitter alternative to look out for. Bluesky’s more ambitious plan is to create a framework on which multiple social networks can be built with no central figure in control. Portability is key. Users will be able to take their account from one network to another.

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Features of Bluesky

Bluesky has lost of great features. Majority of them are similar to that of Twitter while few are a bit different from Twitter.

#1 Users of this service can post text and photos: Just like every other social network, the users of this Bluesky app can post contents of not more than 300 characters. Posts on Twitter are known as “Tweets” while posts on Bluesky are known as “Skeets”. This word was gotten from the combination of Sky (from Bluesky) and Tweet. Although, this terminology has been strongly protested by Jay Graber (CEO of Bluesky). They can also like or repost other people’s content.

#2 Users can also post photos: Similar to Twitter, user profiles can have a profile picture, a bio, a header image, and can see each other’s follower counts.

#3 With Bluesky, users can choose what content they see, when they see it and how often they see it. For example, you can block  “explicit sexual images,” “political hate groups,” or “violent/bloody content.” A publication on Bluesky’s blog clearly states that users have complete control over their algorithm, to give them autonomy over their experience on the app.

#4 Content length: It has a maximum post length of 300 characters and features to like, reply, and repost messages. It also includes a “What’s Hot” feed for trending posts and a “Following” feed for accounts you follow.

Limitations of Bluesky

As a new app, it is not devoid of several limitations. These limitations provide room for more innovation and development. The few limitations for now includes;

#1 No direct messaging feature: The app currently does not have a direct messaging feature because it is still under development. This means that you cannot directly chat with another user on the app. This is a very serious challenge because without this feature, the fun of social media will not be there. Hence, this feature is expected to be introduced before the official launch of the app.

#2 You cannot join on your own: This is a very serious limitation in the use of the Bluesky app. You hardly see any social network app where users cannot join on their own. But this limitation is dominant with the Bluesky app. Hence, it will also be fix when the app is publicly made available.

#3 You cannot write more than 300 characters: There is limit to the number of characters permissible on this app. Seeing that it does not support posts or contents more than 300 characters, this poses a strong limitation. Although, to Twitter users, this is not a limitation at all because such is experienced on Twitter as well. This therefore means that the app will not be so attractive to people who are used to publishing long contents, especially Facebook users.

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How to Join Bluesky

At the moment, there are basically 3 methods of joining this awesome Twitter alternative called Bluesky

#1 Through an invite link

At the moment, Bluesky does not support users joining on their own. You must be invited by an already existing user or through the company directly. This invite code is made available to active users once every two weeks of been active. As such, if you now anyone who is already a user of Bluesky, you can ask him to send you an invite code once he receives it. Additionally, the company can randomly send you an invite code to join. The major reason why it is currently done this was is because the app is still under construction, hence the capacity is limited.

#2 Joining the waitlist

The second way of joining Bluesky app is by registering and joining the waitlist on the Bluesky website. This is similar to the way it is done on Google Bard Chatbot. Once you register and provide the relevant details needed, you will automatically join the waitlist. Once there is room to admit you in, you will receive an email to that effect The drawback to this method is in the fact that there is no specific time frame on how long to stay on the waitlist. The above method seems to be more effective than this second one.

#3 Wait till the official release

The last method you can use to join Bluesky is to simply wait till it is officially released. At the moment, Bluesky is still at the Beta version and as such, it has not been officially released to the public. Although it will be released someday, yet no announcement has been made to that effect. Hence you can patiently wait, no mater how long it may take.

Is Bluesky available for mobile users?

Currently, Bluesky is available for both mobile and desktop users. It is available for Android and iOS users. Hence, with any of these devices, you are covered.


Bluesky is seriously buzzing to be a better Twitter alternative. When this app is fully launched and made available for everyone, you may not need the services of Twitter any more. Additionally, several celebrities and politicians has already joined Bluesky.

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